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Dove Go Fresh Face Wash Oily Skin Care Review

Review By Barisha

Hello beautiful ladies,
I am barisha from West Bengal, regular reader of Indian beauty zone. Today I am here to review a face wash by dove, this brand needs no introduction I started using their shampoo when I was in class 7, now I am in M.Sc 1 year but still the Dove products are my favourite. it’s been almost 8-9 days I started using their face wash, to know my experience with this product please keep reading the review...

Product Description:
Best face washes for oily skin
Dove Go Fresh Face Wash Oily Skin Care Review
Name of the product: Dove Go Fresh Face Wash Oily Skin Care: Contains citrus orange oil and skin care essence
Price: 85 for 50 gm
Available easily in all offline stores, you can get it through online too...

Claims of Dove Go Fresh Face Wash Oily Skin Care: 
• contains orange oil that removes excessive sebum and stickiness
 • contains dove skin care essence that balances skin’s moisture and oiliness
 • a refreshing orange fragrance

Ingredients & Usage:

Its comes in a sleek white tube with an orange flip cap, the packaging is user friendly as well as travel friendly.

Texture is like some fairness cream, very small amount is require per wash as it lathers a lot.

It has very mild orange fruit fragrance which is not at all irritating for my sensitive nose.

My experience with Dove Go Fresh Face Wash Oily Skin Care
I have combination skin in summer I am using it twice a day from past 8-9 days and liking it a lot, I love how it brighten up my face just after use and its mild and lathers a lot it helps me in removing face makeup too
( face makeup in the sense BB cream and compact). I really like the face wash but don’t think would be able to use this in winters as after every use it makes my combination skin little dry though the dryness does not last long.over all it is specially made for oily skin beauties and I am sure they would love this.

What I like about this face wash:
• Its from a repudiated brand
• Does what it claims.
• Great for oily skin
• Keeps face oil free for almost 4-5 hours.
• Brighten up my face just after use.
• It does not create any irritation.
• Price, its really affordable as one tube would last for almost 2 months
• Lathers a lot.
• Smells nice
• Easily available.
• Nice packaging.

What I don’t like about this product:-
• Too drying for normal – dry skin beauties(thus it is not a con as it clearly mentions that the product is for oily skin).
I can’t think of any other con as it does what it claims.

Will I recommend this to others?
Yes,to girls with oily skin.

Final verdict:- 
Dove Go Fresh Face Wash Oily Skin Care is an awesome product for oily to combination skin girls. So go and get it, I am sure you will love it...

My Ratings:
5/5(for oily skin),4/5(for combination skin) 2.5/5 for normal skin.0/5 for dry skin 

What is your favourite face wash?
Do share it with me...
With Love Barish


  1. Awesome Review, Dove has lovely range of skin care products and I am sure this face wash is a super hit...Loved your detailed Review Barish <3

    1. thank you radha ji :)
      next rvw gonna be better than this one :)

    2. Awww that's awesome Barish Thank you :-D

  2. Awesome Detailed Review Barisha :) I have a combi skin and would definitely give it a try .. Its sounds promising product from your review.

  3. This is my kind of face wash. Nice review :)

  4. Good to know it works good for oily skin!! :)
    Nice review Barisha:)

    1. yes niesha if you have oily skin give this a try :)
      thank you

  5. Replies
    1. thank you sooooooooo much lancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. Amazing Review Barisha! Will surely check it out....

  7. Wow, I'd love to try this product! I hope it gets to be available on my country soon. :)
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know dear.

    xx, Mela

    1. Hi Mela Sure Thanks for stopping here and for your lovely comment :)

  8. It looks great!!!!
    You are always so professional in your reviews hun!!!!!

    1. Hi Paola Thanks a lot dear and the review by My FB friend Barisha :)

    2. Hey Radha I nominated you for a beauty tag award xoxo

    3. Hi Inez Thank you so much Honey :)

  9. Replies
    1. yes inez its such a perfect facewash for oily skin :)

  10. Wow 5/5. Sounds a perfect face wash. Would definitely give it a try :) Nice review Barisha!

  11. i have combination skin. it wont suit me i guess

    1. hi arshi
      me too have combination skin it worked for me bt only in summers :)

  12. Hi Barisha (Or it's Borsha?)

    Thanks for your brief review. I am honestly not a fan of Dove but still wanna give a try. Good to see a Bengali girl as a beauty blogger :)

    With Love



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