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Summer Giveaway - Win The Nature's Co Products - Closed

Hello Sweeties,
Here Indian Beauty Zone coming with another lovely Giveaway Sponsored by The Nature's Co . Let us see what products you can win in this lovely Giveaway...


Stimulates cell regeneration; Reduces stretch marks; Protects skin from further damage.

Treat your skin to our Neroli stretch mark cream. Neroli is known to increase circulation and stimulate cell regeneration. It will repair and visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. And also help protect the skin from further damage by maximizing elasticity. Massage it over specific area such as the stomach, buttocks, and hips or wherever needed. Use twice a day for best results.

Ingredients: Neroli oil, Green tea extract, Shea butter, Kokum butter, Grape seed oil, Vegetable Glycerin.

Anti cellulite; Firms & strengthens the tissues; Gives skin an even look.

Try this simple work-out for youthful, firm, even and smooth skin. Laminaria Anti-Cellulite Cream - packed with minerals and cell regeneration qualities that stimulates the skin’s metabolism, eliminates excess fluids and restores your skins firmness. Apply or massage it in an upward direction where the cellulite has accumulated, either after a bath, a workout or at night.

Ingredients: Ascophyllum extract, Spirulina extract, Laminaria extract, Fucus extract, Nori extract, Lemon oil, Shea butter, Coco butter, Grape seed oil, Olive oil, Vitamin – E

So, What are you waiting for... Do the following steps and Get a chance to win these two awesome products :)

There will be Two Winners, Each winner will get one product from the above mentioned.

The Rules:

Follow Indian Beauty Zone via GFC
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Visit and tell your Favorite product with your email id, and FB share link in the comment section.
The Giveaway starts from today and ends in 3/06/2013 Monday.
Opens only for Indian residents
All The Best Girls….
With Love Radha… J 


  1. After my last success with you Here I'm giving a shot to yet another give way ;)

    My Fav Nature's Co product is Spearmint Body Wash which I received in My velvette box and I'm currently Lovin it :)

    FB Share Link :

    Email Is :

  2. Hey lovely giveaway .I entered .hope to win :)

    My fav nature co's product is cool cucumber face wash ....

    My fb share is :-

    email -id:-

  3. Awesome giveaway Radha.. Completed the formalities dear..

    My fav nature co's product is Corn Exfoliating Face Pack..

    My fb share is...

    My email id:-

    Happy hosting dear :-)

  4. hope to win :)

    fb share :

    1. My fav nature co's product is cool cucumber face wash ....

      email id :

  5. I am a little confused about the Rule completed. Can u plz help me with thr rule 1?

    1. Hi Arsila GFC means Google Friend connect You can find it here in the right side gadgets dear ... FOLLOWERS titled Gadget click join the site and then sigh in with ur google account then select follow the blog..that's all you ar done :)

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  7. Hey Radha its an awesome giveaway.. Completed the formalities, though a little stuck with the Rule -1, so waiting for your help.

    My fav nature co's product is hands down nori body lotion as i have a dry skin and it works for me.

    My fb share is...

    My email id:-

    Happy posting dear :-)

  8. Following... Completed al d steps :D
    email id:
    FB link:
    And I think cool cucumber face wash is good. :)

  9. nice giveaway
    email id :

  10. My favorite product from The Nature's Co. is NEROLI STRETCH MARK CREAM.
    My email id is
    FB share link:

    GFC name: Divya Asha
    Pinterest name: Divya Asha
    Twitter ID: @DivyaAsha
    Bloglovin name: Divya Asha

  11. I wanna win! Follow you now xjes
    shall we also follow with bloglovin?

  12. nice giveaway radha... just entered.. hope to win... :)

  13. GFC-Pallavi Tiwari
    Liked both the fb pages.
    pinterest name-pallavi watermark
    twitter via- @missu_pal
    Fb share-

  14. My fav is Cool cucumber facewash.
    FB link:
    Fab giveaway rads!

  15. my fav product is Sandalwood Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner .its lathers excellently and washes out without leaving any residue on my scalp. I did not want to use a separate conditioner after shampooing my hair as this is itself a shampoo cum conditioner. I had a relaxing bathing experience with its very natural sandalwood fragrance. And after I blow dried my hair, Whoa! It has turned really smooth and manageable. As claimed, this shampoo gave me a lustrous, soft and manageable hair. More than the softness, my hair looked very shiny and healthy. I have used many shampoos and conditioner till now, but this shampoo gave me ultimate effects without even using a separate conditioner. The result I got with this shampoo is definitely greater than the results I got when I used some other shampoo with its conditioner. The fragrance lasts on my hair for a long time and my hair did not turn limp the next day of hair wash too. This is a miracle shampoo I have ever came across and I am totally in love with it now! This shampoo will suit every hair type in my guess.
    GFC -Garima kumari
    FB link-
    email id
    pinterest username-kgarima17
    fb name-garima kumari
    bloglovin username-garimak
    twitter -@bubblygarima

  16. My favourite product is the Watercress Shampoo. It's an easy to handle liquid with just the right consistency I feel and the pretty green colour pleases me. It cleanses well and leaves me feeling refreshed. I love love love it's fragrance.. though it's not that strong but very natural and helps in distressing. It is mild on my hair and is completely natural, therefore safe.. so I often use it as a regular cleanser. and to top it off, it is not tested on animals as well!

    FB name:
    Ray Sarkar

    FB link:

    email id:

    Ray S

    Ray S



  17. I am not sure how to get the link of my FB share.. help!

    1. Hi Ray, you can see in your shared fb status like 2 minutes ago or 2 hours ago click that it will take you to the link copy and paste the link here :)


  18. Replies
    1. Don't worry Swarnali I will inform you for the next giveaway :)

  19. Hi radha,nw im using ponds white beauty daily spotless cream..may i use this bb cream? Bt i get a confusion that it will be like foundation cream or we can get fairer skin,whether it improves our skin tone?

  20. Hi radha,nw im using ponds white beauty daily spotless cream..may i use this bb cream? Bt i get a confusion that it will be like foundation cream or we can get fairer skin,whether it improves our skin tone?


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