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Tatha Body Deo Minty Review

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Hope all of you doing great, today I am going to share Tatha Body Deo Minty Review with you all. Some herbal lovers might knew this brand. Tatha is a brand that produces natural herbals skin and hair care, some other herbal products too. I have seen Tatha's products at flipkart and urbantouch online shops. It is mainly available at  www.vedic-collection.com. It is a pure handmade herbal products which is free from harmful chemicals and other side effects. This is a Body deo minty, like a body spray and let's see the Review...

About The Product:

Natural body fragrances
Tatha Body Deo Minty Review
Tatha Body Deo Minty 
Price         895 Rs
Quantity    100 ml
Shelf Life  10 months

Product Description:


My Experience with Tatha Body Deo Minty:
This is a glass bottle with normal spray type lid, the deo minty is a colourless liquid with heavenly fragrance. the Tatha Body Deo Minty is like a water with awesome smell. 

First when I open the bottle it smells like well ripened Lemon's juice smell. I thought awwwww this is not a pleasant smell and it is just a citrus smell. Later I realized I didn't shake it well :p, then I did shake this Deo well and then applied on my skin. My skin absorbed the deo minty well and left my skin fresh and fragrance full. 

I have found a way to carry this deo minty with me, because it is a glass bottle it is not travel friendly. But I use to transfer some Deo minty liquid to a small plastic container for carry with me. It is easy to apply and can be spray too. 

When I applied this Deo minty, I went to my friend's house nearby my house, my friend was keep on smelling my hand until I leave her house lols :p. She loved this Tatha Body Deo Minty very much. It is a heavenly fragrance with fresh feel induce things. Best suitable for summer sweaty season to control the sweat and to feel fresh all the time. 

Of course My Hubby too loveing this Tatha Body Deo Minty very much, he also using this Deo. I have tested this Tatha Body Deo Minty on my underarms and on my skin. I didn't find any irritations or allergic reaction, also it is easily absorbed and dries off quickly and keeps the underarms fresh for a long time. 

I found it is worth for the price.

My Likes with Tatha Body Deo Minty:
  • Fully natural and herbal formulated and free from harmful chemicals.
  • This Deo minty gives a fresh feel whenever applied.
  • No harm for skin and underarms.
  • Can be used in hands and neck.
  • Keep the underarms sweat free for long time.
  • The smell won't annoy others nose.
  • No white patches when applied on the skin.
  • Very small amount is enough.
  • I am sue this one bottle can come for 5 to 6 months.
  • Awesome Lemony fragrance.
My Dislikes with Tatha Body Deo Minty:
  • It is bit pricey.
  • Glass container. (But it can be easily transferred to a small plastic container to carry)
  • Alcohol ( I am not sure it is harmful alcohol or harmless)
My Final Verdict:
Tatha Body Deo Minty is a wonderful Body spray which is natural and can make you feel fresh and keeps you sweat free for long time. To Buy this Tatha Body Deo Minty check www.vedic-collection.com. 

Hope My Review will be helpful for you all....
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With Love Radha.

PS:Product sent by PR for Review, My Review is honest as always.


  1. Great review Radha! seems like a scent i would love :)

    1. Hi Jees dear Thank you :) I am sure you will love it

  2. Good review Radha with clear pictures! Great to read its pros.

    Hope you are doing great beauty products reviews, which would be beneficial for the beauty loves and girls.

    Good work, keep reviewing.

    1. Thank you so much Nirmala :) for your appreciation :)

  3. Nice detailed review rads :)will try these fragrances soon :)

  4. its is a great product ....
    i will definitely try this as it keeps the underarms dry..thanks radha!!!

    1. Hi Ritika Thanks and do try once you will love it dear :)

  5. will surely try this as it's natural & i love Lemony fragrance.

    1. Hi Pallavi yup it is safe do try once you will feel the freshness :)

  6. This sounds nice. I never use deo directly on my skin.

    1. Hi Megha Even me too won't use but this is herbal so I tried and Thank God no harm :)

  7. Looks like a good product but am scared of glass containers as I may tend to drop them .:)

    1. Yeah Neisha it is great product and worth for the price.... Glass container is little scaring thing :(

  8. I like the look of the product. It looks so luxurious!

  9. Great review! Seems to be a really nice product...I think I would like to try this for the fragrance...there was one minty spray in Faces canada that got discontinued..

    1. Thank you Richa It is good one :) Ohhh Faces had one like this??? Discontinued???

  10. Replies
    1. Hahaha Heena yeah bit pricy but worth for the price :))

  11. seems like a nice one Radha.. bt i feel that companies are just selling these pricey with the tag line of natural ingredients and stuff..... good it worked fr u :)

    1. Thank you Natasha I have seen all natural and herbal products are bit costlier except some brands :(


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