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L’Oreal Professionnel’s Stempod services this summer for your hair

Hello Beauties,
Care for your hair while you straighten them!

Fret no more about hair damage while straightening your hair. L’Oreal Professionel Steam pod services assure treating your hair while it naturally straightens your locks creating those lustrous, beautiful styles.  Let go of the artificial ironing that exposes hair to unnecessary heat and damage, go ‘Steampoding’ instead and hydrate and enrich your hair as you style them. L’Oreal Professionnel the Parisian house of dressing has a revolutionary tool designed which is one of World’s first ever steam straightening system, the Stem pod. The new exciting in-salon services empowered by Steam Pod.
The Steam pod concept is a true technological breakthrough and is designed around one key element- Steam. Steampod is World’s first ever heat and high pressure steam iron that treats your hair while smoothing. It can be utilised for three different services to enhance your look like straightening, repair and enhance the style. Steampod is the world’s first hair smoothing iron that delivers a continous stream of pressurized steam from an in-built steam generator. The combination of heat and steam disciplines the frizz whilst making the hair shinier, more supple with natural movement.
Experience the power of steam care for your hair through through a variety of Steam pod services exclusively at your nearest L’Oréal Professionnel salon.

 1.  Pro-Keratin Steam Bond Service
 The 1st steam-activated long lasting straightening service with Pro-Keratin. For long lasting results upto several weeks, your favourite X-Tenso range delivers best results when used with the Steam Pod.

2.  Steam Dose Service
This Steampod service enhanced with the Absolut Repair range and PowerCell Repair deeply nourishes the hair. The Steampod seals the PowerCell Repair deep into the hair fiber. Hence it restructures, revitalizes and protects your hair fiber. It helps your hair to restore its strength and shine leaving it silky smooth, soft and manageable. There is unrivalled softness and splendour to even the most damaged hair.

3.  Styling with Steam Pod  
The 1st steam -activated styling service. With the help of the SteamPod you can go from curly to straight, or create beautiful, well-defined curls in a few minutes with absolute respect of the fibre.
Steampod’s flawless technology and the Steampod smoothing care product guarantee never – before seen results. Experience the magic of the Steampod from L’Oréal Professionnel.

The Steam Pod Smoothing Cream: This steam activated smoothing and repairing cream is enriched with Pro-Keratin, ceramides and cationic agents that help rebuild fibers and strengthen inter-cellular cement to offer optimal protection against damages from heat. This product is highly recommended to be used on towel dried hair before every Steampod service.

The possibilities offered by this multi-functional salon tool are impressive. It delivers a continuous stream of pressurized steam from an in-built steam generator that combines heat and steam to improve the frizz discipline better than the conventional straightener whilst making the hair shinier, more supple with natural movement. An easy and safer alternative to ironing, curling and blow drying the steam combined with the Loreal Professionnel Steam pod smoothing cream gives your hair an amazing result.
The Steampod services are available at all leading L’Oreal Professionnel salons.


  1. i had chemically straightened my hair about a year back, it was damaged to some extent but not very much. Thanks to these kind of products that my hair is safe now

    1. Hi Dear Yeah this will be great for us :)Do try once na

  2. Great products!
    I would like to try Steam Pod!

  3. I've seen this online and it sounds amazing, xoxo.

  4. Great product! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amazing product.. Thanks for sharing Radha :-)


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