Friday, April 5, 2013

Liebster blog award from fellow blogger and Friend

Hello Friends,
I got an award from Prayati of fashionandbeautyandme.blogspot, it is Liebster award which I got it fourth time. I am so happy to receive this award from my friend and fellow blogger Prayati. She is so sweet and I love her blog very much, especially I love her Outfit posts very much.

The Award:

Coming to the rules now :
1. share 11 things about you
2. Answer 11 questions about the tagger
3. Choose 11 bloggers to nominate, they should have under 200 GFC followers
4. ask them 11 questions
5. thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to her blog

11 Things about Me:
1. I am so shy and calm to mingle with others easily.
2. I am friendly, love my friends very much.
3. I love to care others.
4. Never hurt a person easily, I will silently separate myself from the persons who hurts me often.
5. I am a science student, now got inclined more in makeup.
6. I love my kid and hubby very much.
7. I love variety of outfits, before got inclined into makeup I was spending all my money in outfits.
8. I love Saree, Chudi, jeans, leggings and Kurthis.
9. My Favorite God is Hanuman ji :).
10. I don't like people who is over proud about their positives.
11. I love music, reading and shopping.

My Answers for Prayati's questions:
1. Are you a lipstick or eyeshadow person?
I am a Lipstick person, of course I love eyeshadow too ;)
2. What do you plan to do in future ?
Hmmmm... I wanted to became Dr, fashion designer :p nothing fulfilled. Now planning to do 
courses in Makeup. If I can't atleast I will improve my blog more and more.
3. What is your advice to girls with acne problem ?
Hahahaha...this is a question like asking a theif where is the theft thing :p I am a super acne person, but I 
have some solutions like keeping hands and face clean and oil free, regular exfoliation, and keeping 
our mind stress free.
4. What do you think is the biggest trend in this spring/summer season?
Wearing floral designed long skirt with plain short top, with big hoops and a bright lipstick. 
5. Your biggest role model ?
I have so many can't tell one :p
6. Your favorite youtube beauty guru ? which channel you recommend ?
Who?? Gossmakeupartist I love his videos. 
7. What song is in your head right now ?
hmmm I am from Tamilnadu and currently I love "Yaaro Ivan Yaaro Ivan" Song.
8. Your current favorite book...if you read books?
Currently I am not reading any books :p
9. Favorite shoe and bag brand?
Nothing to specify because I dnt mind to use non branded shoes and Bag :p
10. Which place would you like to visit in future?
I love to visit Swizz.
11. Who is your celebrity crush ?
Nobody :p

I am tagging the following Bloggers for this Award: I know so many blogger friends who have
 below 200 followers :) :
1. Rajalakshmi from Voicefrm
2. Shweta from GlamnGloss
3. Megha from Makeupandbeautytreasure
4. Vipra from Foreevermagnifico
5. Nisha from makeupandfood
6. Madhumathi from Moispace
7. Raaga from Mymakeupthoughts
8. Richa from coralswithblues
9. Gowthami from Beauty frontline
10. Natasha from Mylittleworldofmakeup
11. Swarnali from Makeitupwithmakeup.

My Question to the 11 Bloggers:
1. What is your favorite skin care brand?
2. What is your favorite Cosmetics brand?
3. What is your wish list for makeup?
4. What is your favorite Food?
5. What is favorite outfit style?
6. Who is your makeup guru?
7. Have you done makeup to anybody?
8. What do you like from me most?
9. What do you don't like from me most?
10. What kind of makeup do you like for night time outings?
11. Makeup tips from you for us???

Share your answers in your blog post
Stay pretty 
With Love Radha.


  1. love your answers radha !!! my fav god is hanuman ji too...hihi..... and i love goss makeup artist too....congrats once again

    1. Thank you so much Prayati..... wow your favorite God also Hanuman ji Great dear :)

  2. Congrats Radha! Loved your answers :)And Thanks for tagging...

    1. Thank you dear it's my pleasure to share this award with you all :)

  3. I enjoyed your answers ;) Hope you'll do your makeup courses soon!

    1. Thank you Egle, Me too hope the same but having small kid i can't imagine :( let's see

  4. Thanx so much Rads! Feeling super happy :)
    Glad to know about u. My fav God is Ramji :)

    1. My pleasure dear :) Ramji fav God anyways we are in same family :p

  5. Congrats Radha.:)) Even i like Gossmakeup artist.:)

    1. Thank you Niesh dear... We all love his makeup tuts <3

  6. great answers radha... .. congrats


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