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Suggestions For Pigmented Lips, Lipstick Shade and Beauty Tips

Hello Beauties,
I am getting queries regarding beauty tips and Makeup ideas and I know My friends and readers of my blog can also give tips and suggestions. So, I am posting one of my Blog Reader Query today. Please share your experience and ideas with me and help to find a proper remedy and makeup ideas.

Here Comes The Query:


Lips Care tips
Suggestions For Pigmented Lips, Lipstick Shade and Beauty Tips

My name is Sumi Sawanpally,
My skin tone is uneven and I have pigmentation on my lips. Please tell me some Beauty tips how to make my skin even and how to get rid of pigmentation on the lips.
I have Black head problem too...
I want to Buy Maybelline 14 hr long stay lipstick, which shade will suits for me well.
Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions....

With Love Sumi

Hi Sumi,
You can buy online the Maybelline 14 hr Long Stay Lipstick at medplusbeauty,, flipkart, jabong etc Sumi and here are some lips care tips for you from IBZ blog...

1. Your lips are an insight into your health problems. Drinking enough water is a must atleast 1 litre a day to keep the lips well hydrated. Exfoliating your lips with a scrub homemade or available in the market is a must followed by a high grade good quality lip balm with spf in it.

2. I use Nivea Lip Butter when I am at home, as it is very important to moisturize lips in winter. When going out, Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms or Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balms are my all time favorite as the keep my lips locked in moisture as well as giving them a light tint. Once a week, I scrub my lips with sugar and olive oil to remove dead cells and make them softer.

3. I never ever step out without a lip gloss or a lipstick and for this I need to maintain my lips soft and supple all year around. They behave superbly during summers but during winters my lips need utmost care as they get super dry and sometimes get chapped. 

For supple lips during winters I have simple tips and they are:
1. Always apply lip balm
2. Scrub your lips every week 
3. Never keep licking your lips as this lead to dry lips too
4.Try applying gloss over lipstick during winters to get those plumped up lips
How to get pink lips naturally

4. Tips for soft n smooth lips:-
 If I am in a hurry and have no time .. Then I apply The Pure Ghee (Made by My Mom).. Advantage of that I can lick it whenever I want and it keep my lips soft n moisturised...
In the weekends When I have time.. I soak some rose petal in milk for some time.. Later mash it n apply it on my lips. Then I let it dry and wash off.. With this I get soft and fragrant full lips.. 

1. Apply heavily thick waxy lipbalm and leave it over night to find a soft lips next day.
2. Scoop a small amount of the lipbalm and add sugar to it. This makes a good exfoliator to the lips.
3. Rub rose petals to the bare lips to make them look naturally pink.

Friends please help Sumi by sharing your suggestions here....


  1. Hi
    Saw ur queries...........for pigmentation in lips try with pure herbals that u can get it in ur home itself. Take the pure extract juice of coriander and apply it on ur lips and leave it for 30 mins this clear the pigmentation and for the reddish lips try with the beetroot juice apply it on ur lips for 15 mins. Do this regularly or atleast 3 days in a week. Its pure herbal and no side effects. Hope u like this tips. Thank you

  2. Hi Sumi Warm Welcome to the IBZ....
    MY Suggestion For you....

    For Pigmented Lips:
    Use Honey and powdered Sugar mixture as scrub on the lips. You should be gentle on the lips while scrub. then apply Good lip balm with SPf while going out. Nivea has this lip balm. In the night time massage almond oil on the lips before going to sleep.

    For Uneven Skin Tone:
    Use a good sunscreen before going out, because of Sun uneven skin tone causes... Mix Besan, few drops Lemon juice, pinch of Turmeric and Curd. Apply it after drying wash it off with warm water, then Cold water.This Face pack is the solution for balckhead probelm too.

    For Maybelline 14 hr Stay Lipstick shade Suggestion:
    Lasting chestnut is the best shade for daily wear.

  3. Hello gal
    for uneven skin tone better u talk to a derma he might give u some creams or suggest u to try chemical peeling,chemical peeling really radha says regular scrubbing and using sunscreen definately helps a lot.try scrub containing salicylic acid and apply heavy moisturiser after every time you wash ur clean remember nothing looks better than a hydrated skin,am not a likstick lover bt i think coral,peach,pinkish brown would look great on you,try colorbar matte range,hope it will help you.thank you :)barisha

  4. Hey Sumi,

    For pigmentation on lips, use a good lip balm before you go to sleep in the night and scrub your lips with a baby toothbrush or just a towel while you shower the next day. Exfoliating regularly will take the lip color back to original shade slowly.

    Use a good scrub for blackheads and pigmentation on the face. There are a lot of good scrubs out there. I use the Lush Magnaminty and it works perfectly for me. Also, get your hands on the Lactotan. I have just used it once... and I love it for getting rid of pigmentation. :) I am not much of a DIY girl. I am too lazy for that :D

    I have the true red Continuous Cranberry in that Maybelline range. Make sure you stain your lips well before applying any lipstick full on. That will last long and you don't have to worry about it for long.

    Hope that's helpful! :) ~ Jeev.

  5. hi sumi, i too have pigmented lips. try lemon & honey all over your face & lips. it will definitely reduce the pigmentation in due course of time.

  6. Lemon,honey and sugar scrub for lips, for face use scrub regularly,followed by steam and a cooling facepack, I think Clean and Clear daily scrub is effective for daily use, else lotus scrubs are there which you can use once or twice a week. Also while using makeup do use a brightening primer and concealer so that your skin will look even

  7. Hi do check out the lip balms from forest essentials. they show the results almost instantly and it helped very much with my pigmented lips and dryness. I suffered from pigmented lips for a short period of time where my lips got darker around the corners. Not sure if it'd work for hereditary factors. For blackheads, mix chickpea flour with a little haldi (the kasturi variant) and put a mask and scrub it off when it dries. U will see bright skin with minimal blackheads. If you have pimple prone skin do not use this pack more than twice a week and do not scrub too much.

  8. Hey Sumi for pigmented lips you try using either Himalaya lip balm or Faces Vanilla lip balm....they reduce pigmentation but quite slowly.

  9. I would suggest Cleansing Toning Moisturing along with 3 times a week exfoloation and wearing sunscreen everday. This will help with pigmentation, blackheads m other skin issues. Sugar n lemon scrub for lips and spf lipbalm. Take regular facials to get rid of deepseated blackheads. Use salicylix sf cream on nose to get rid of superficial blackheads. Ise produvts with glycolic n salicylic for added exfoliation

  10. Hi Sumi,
    I have the same pigmentation on my face issue. I recently read about this ointment on another blog, its called MelaCare(Ajanta Pharma), u apply it at night and wash it off in the morning, and it worked wonders for me! Sure, it creates dryness, but u need to moisturize well in the morning after u bathe.
    For Blackheads u need to get regular cleanups and use a toner after washing your face at night and in the morning after a bath and Sandal Wood or Neem face packs.
    This has worked for me as i had the same skin issues as u, hope it helps you too.

  11. Hi there,

    I have pigmentation around my mouth, how do I get rid of this? It's so embarrassing and close to NO lipsticks or lip glosses suit me. Please help!


    1. Hi Dee Try this Home Remedy suggested by My Friend...
      Mix Cinnamon pwder with Honey and apply it on Lips, slightly rub, and then wash it off...after that apply good branded lip balm... use a lip balm with SPF when you go out.. During night do this home remedy after washing apply almond oil and then massage it on lips...
      Good Luck :D


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