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Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner Turouoise Blue Review, Swatches and EOTD

Hello Beauties,
Hope all Beauties doing great, for me this week is slightly boring :). So, I am making myself entertained by writing this super cool Review of  Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner Turouoise Blue, this is my favorite colour. This is my first colour Eye liner, because I have never used any colour eye liner other than Black. So, I am so excited to try this one on my Eye lids, as all of us know well that Maybelline has introduced this Glossy eye liner few weeks back. Let's see the Review...

About The Product:
Best colour eye liners
Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner Turouoise Blue Review, Swatches and EOTD
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner
Price       350 Rs    
Quantity  3g
Shelf Life Not mentioned 

Product Description:

Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner available in all possible shades...


My Experience with Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner Turouoise Blue:

This is very cute Black Eyeliner pack, that we can carry along with us easily. I loved the applicator of this Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner, it is very good to apply all kind of Eye line designs.

The sharp end of the applicator lid is very easy to handle, The eye liner liquid is shiny thick liquid. There is no annoying artificial fragrance in this eye liner, smells very gentle and mild.

I am so excited to use this on my eyes, as this is my first colour eye liner other than Black. This is super Turouoise Blue shade which looks good on medium to dusky skin tone beauties. of course I am in this category, so no doubt this shade looks nice on me. But, I need to put it above some dark colour eye shadow like Balck, purple like that.

 Application is very easy and the texture is super creamy and smooth. But, it applies little streaky when I try to make a good line on my eyelids. But I have managed it by repeated applications.

The shade is bright and very suitable for summer night parties. I am sure one can rock with this shade in the parties. This eyeliner tend to peel off if you rub too much your eyes, that too if you have oily skin for sure this will peels. So, primer is important before putting this eyeliner, and with primer it stays on my eyelids up to 5 to 6 hours.

The EOTD is not that much perfect, please forgive me about this. I loved this shade personally very much, but can't wear for daily use. I want to try Black one and I am sure I will fall in love with that too.

My Likes with Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner: 
  • This eye liner bottle is cute and Travel friendly.
  • Applicator is very good to draw eye line.
  • The eyeliner liquid's texture is smooth and creamy.
  • Perfect Glossy Finish.
  • The shades available in this range are awesome.
  • Best for party wear.
  • Good staying power.
  • Great Pigmentation.
  • Easily available.
  • Water Proof.
  • No Smudges and dries off quickly.
My Dislikes with Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner:
  • Pricey for the quantity.
  • Peels off on oily lids if you rub often.
  • Apply streaks, but can be managed by repeated application.
  • Not a daily wear shade.
My Final Verdict:
Maybelline Hyper Glossy RunWay Pop Liquid Eyeliner is a great Eye liner with Glossy finish that every girl should try this with their awesome shade collections.

Hope You liked My Review and please do share your comments,
Love you all 

PS:Product sent by Brand for Review purpose, My Review is honest as always.


  1. Beautiful EOTD - Great Pigmentation..wanna lay my hands on this one very soon :)

    1. Thank you Vipra :)... You must try this one this is awesome Eyeliner yaar :D

  2. this one will be great for party make up! :)

    1. Yup Swarnali do try some other shades I am sure you will love it :)

  3. good review radha.. shade is very neonish.. :(

    1. Yup Neonish...good for night time parties yaar Thank you sharmi :)

  4. Cool the shade is so diff....Great eotd :)

    1. Wow Thank you so much Megha... This is my first ever colour Eye liner :)

  5. Nice color and Review Radha.. I am eagerly waiting to try this.:)
    Pretty EOTD.

    1. Thank you Neisha dear Do try once You will love it :)

  6. Colour is very pretty ..n nice review..:):)

  7. Beautiful colour...:):)
    I wanted to try as well..will definitely get this :)

    1. Thank you teji Yes it is you try once you will rock dear :)

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Lavanya Thank you so much dear :) do try once I am sure You will love it :)

  9. Sorry radha, I feel it's a weird shade. Do they have dark shades too?

    1. May be for you it is not a daily wearable shade :p
      Yup they have :)

  10. I am seeing a turquoise liquid liner for the first time and this sure is a gorgeous color. Nice review :)

    1. Even for me too this is new and thank you Fagan :)

  11. very pretty shade.. well reviewed


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