Friday, February 15, 2013

VOV and Eyetex Dazler Nail Colours Review and Swaches

Hello Beauties,
Hope you all are doing good. Today I am going to share my opinions about Eyetex and VOV nail colours, which I bought recently. I bought two shades in each brand, in eyetex Rose and Black nail paints and in VOV Violet and Fanta nail colour. All nail colours are looking cool and I am loving them very much. Let's see the Review and Swatches....

About Eyetex Nail Paints:
Best affordable nail paints
VOV and Eyetex Dazler Nail Colours Review and Swaches
Eyetex Dazllar Nail Glitter Nail paints
Price 35 Rs
Available in local super markets...

The Swatches:

This is Eyetex Dazller Nail paint and the shade is bright pink and I loved this shade very much and it is quickly dries up, stays for more than one week. This Nail colour is easy to apply and looking very pretty. This shade is actually not looking like a cheap rate nail colour. All I can say this pretty Rose shade which looks good on every skin toneand best for summer wear.

Sorry for the blurred picture, because I couldn't take properly with one hand particularly for this shade. I don't like this shade totally. This is not actually black shade which it is claiming as black one. I was quite disappointed very much, but no problem I have bought another black nail paint from W7 Nail inc. Same quality like the rose shade, but it is not a good pigmented black. This is a waste shade.

The VOV Nail Paints and Swatches:

VOV nail paints

Vov Nail colours power lasting
Price 25 Rs
Available in particular Beauty stores...

These Vov Nail paints are simply superb and pretty cheap. When I visited to a super market I saw these cuties in a tray. I saw so many shades and I wanted to grab the whole tray of nail paints actually. But, without knowing the quality how to buy whole thing. So I wanted to test this nail paints first. So, I bought this two shades. I love this cute tiny glass container very much. The shades also awesome and beautiful. They are easy to apply and staying power is average only like it will stay upto 4 to 5 days without fading. They are nicely pigmented and looking bright on nails.

The Swatches:

This is a pretty summer blue colour and I love this shade very much. The only problem with this nail paints is they tend to dry up quickly within few months. If you didn't use it soon it will get waste.

This is a beautiful glossy coral shade and gives opaque finish within two strokes. I use this nail paints for various nail arts and they are working fine for this purpose.

I loved both shades very much and they make my nails very beautiful whenever i apply them. They need to apply two to three coats to get a good coverage on nails.

I would say vov nail paints are better than Eyetex dazller. So, girls if you find VOV nail paints anywhere don't forget to buy some shades, as they are pretty awesome nail paints for the price.

Hope You all liked my Nail colours and swatches....
Thank you and share your opinions...
With Love Radha


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