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TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner Review

Hello Beauties,
Hope You all doing great, and sorry for the small break for Review Posts. Here i am coming with an interesting Review of TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner. I have reviewed the TREsemme Hair Fall Control shampoo long time back. I have completely forgot to review this Conditioner, now this is gonna finish. So, I have to review it before I throw the empty bottle. Let's see the Review...

About The Product:
Best conditioners for smooth and soft hair
TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner Review
TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner 
Price :     128 Rs  
Quantity: 225 ml
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Product Description:
TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner is dedicated to creating cutting edge salon innovation hair care and styling products without the salon price tag. Our Salon inspired products enriched with high quality ingredients help you experiencing that salon feeling everyday.


My Experience with TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner:
TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner comes in a white sturdy plastic packing, with Black press open type lid. This press open lid is very comfortable to use. The Conditioner's texture is very thick and creamy, white in colour. This smells more or less same to the shampoo.

As I have mentioned earlier that the TREsemme Hair Fall Control Shampoo is tend to make my hair little dry. I must use this conditioner for that problem. One side the shampoo dries out hair and other side the conditioner makes hair super soft and shiny. Yes, This TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner makes my hair very soft and manageable. I use to apply this for just few minutes, as I don't want to sit in the bathroom some more time for conditioner.

I use to wash this Conditioner within few minutes which is less than the mentioned time. But, still It makes my hair very soft and shiny. I love my hair very much because of this conditioner. It is doing it's job perfectly, and my hair is very soft through out the day without applying any serum. of course I won't use any hair serum and all.

My Likes with TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner:
  • I love this sturdy pack and the press type cap.
  • It is easily available even in a super market.
  • It is doing it's job very perfectly which it claims.
  • It makes my Hair very soft, shiny and manageable.
  • It is enough to keep this conditioner in the hair Just for few minutes.
  • The softness of hair stays for the whole day.
  • Large quantity for the price.
  • Affordable and creamy texture.
  • Best for dry hair beauties.
My Dislikes with TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner:
  • I don't like this smell totally.
  • I didn't see any changes regarding hair fall reduction.

My Final Verdict about the TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner:
It is must have conditioner which is making hair very soft and Beautiful. I will recommend this TREsemme Hair Fall Control Conditioner to all My friends.

Hope My Review will be helpful for you all....
Share your thoughts and stay Beautiful....
With Love  Radha


  1. nice review dear.. keeps dryness at bay for the whole day? let me try it

    1. Thank you Raji Do try once ypu will love it ;)

  2. Hey was wondering whether I should buy this product or not...your review is so helpful...

    1. Hey Thank you Sanjali..I am glad that my review helped you :)

  3. I have used it but didn't find any effect so switched to matrix

    1. That's so sad is the matrix one?

    2. Matrix anti dandruff shampoo is really effective. But I dont find any change in my hairfall. I think it's more of a health issue

  4. I have never tried these, have to try :)

  5. Nice review dear. I have not used their conditioners.:)
    Will buy it soon.

    1. Thank you Niesha....Hope you will love it... :)

  6. Nice review :)
    I've only used their shampoo before.. Will try this once :)

    1. Hi Neha...thank you and you must try their conditioner dear :)

  7. Such a very useful article. Very interesting to read this article.I would like to thank you for the efforts you had made for writing this awesome article.


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