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MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Yummy Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties,
Hope everybody enjoying weekend well. Today I am going to share . As many of my dear friends requested to review this cream blush, I tested this blush on my cheeks by wearing it yesterday. Actually I was not suppose to buy this cream blush, but unluckily the powder blush shade no 4 or something was not in stock. So, I had to buy this cream blush at the moment. Generally I won't prefer cream blush, because I have super oily skin. But this blush looks really yummy. Let's see the review...

About The product:
Best affordable pink blushers
MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Yummy Review and Swatches
MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Yummy
Price- 2 Pounds
Quantity -3.2g
Shelf life - not mentioned
Available from their website and also online shopping websites like Jabong, Flipkart

Product Description:


My Experience with MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blush Yummy:
MUA blushers review

The packing is sturdy plastic long rectangular cute box, it is handy and easy to take with me in my handbag. The creamy blush looks really yummy, that's why they named it yummy i think :). The texture so creamy and easy to swipe from the box.

I loved this shade actually very much, this looks peach in colour. That's why i have selected this shade while ordering with MUA. I was so excited to try this blush, as it looks so tempting to apply on cheeks.

I was using oriflame cream blush in same peach shade. That was very nice and good pigmented for my skin tone, I mean that is original peach shade. But, you know this shade is not originally peach colour as it looks in the box like that. When I take it for swatch picture, it was very light in colour which is not upto my expectation :(.

The Hand swatch:

This how it looks on my hand after blended well:

This shade is so subtle for my skin colour, yeah I am dusky. so, I feel this shade is not for me. But, I am sure this shade will go superb with fair skin tones very well. Because it is light peach shade and for my skin tone it should be little darrker.

See my Face swatches: (Excuse my pimply Cheeks, got allergy :( )

This cream blush looks very pale on my cheeks, lol I want to make some good colour for my cheeks to highlight. But, this blush totally disappointed me and it is not for my skin tone. But, I found my cheeks were glowing when i wore this blush.

This cream blush stays up to 3 hours without crease on my cheeks. later for my oily skin it started fade off slowly, and finally this MUA blush totally vanished from my cheeks. only shining and glowing left on my cheeks :(.

It is easy to apply by fingers, I did that and it is easy to blend also. It is just one to two more swipes you may need to set this blush on your cheeks. This MUA cream yummy blush is suitable for dry and fair skin beauties. Totally it is not for me :(.

My likes with MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Yummy:
  • It is affordable when compared to other cream blush.
  • Cute and handy pack easy to carry with you.
  • Easy to blend and you can do it just by finger itself.
  • This blush is really yummy to see.(not to eat :p)
  • I think staying power is good for the price.
  • Also pigmentation is very good.
  • This cream blush is very good for dry skin beauties.
  • This shade particularly for fair skin beauties.
  • Gives a special glowing to your cheeks.

My Dislikes with MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Yummy Review and Swatches:
  • MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Yummy is not for dusky and oily skin beauties like me.
  • This cream blush will fade off after 3 hours totally, only shining on the cheeks left.
  • Availability is a big issue.
  • No applicator provided with this blush.

My Final Verdict about MUA Makeup Academy Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Yummy:
This cream blush Yummy shade is not totally for dusky and oily skin beauties like me. It will work good on Fair and dry skin beauties. It is an affordable good blush otherwise.

Hope My review will be helpful for you all...
Stay beautiful and share your opinions...
With Love Radha.


  1. too bad it didnt work for u.. but i personally loveeee this color dear

    1. Even me too love this colour only in the box :( not on my cheeks :(

  2. luv the shade....sad that it didnt work....

  3. Its really a pretty shade. I love cream blushes.
    Yeah I can see a nice glow on face:)

  4. I tried their powder blushes they are good... Nice review Radha

    1. Thank you Shikha yeah i have one powder blush too...about to review it :)

  5. I have a dry skin so it should be good for me :) Nice review!

  6. hey dear, nice review and i agree cream blushes are not suitable for the oily skinned people powder or satiny texture may work good. :)
    I liked the color though!!

    1. Thank you Niesha...yeah cream blush is not for oily skin beauties :)

  7. this looks really natural on you

    1. Thank you dear Ya but it's creamy texture made me hesitate to use furthermore... :(

  8. I have it and i love it to the core..Since you've only used it once that is the reason why it is not that pigmented..after 2-3 uses it gets really pigmented coz i guess the top layer might be a bit dry or something.Nice Review Xx

    1. Thank you Lee...I will try it may it is the reason but still am afraid it is cream blush... :(

  9. hey radhs.,,nice review....i didnt try them..i tried their powder blushes they r good

    1. Hi pree thank you dear... Ya i have one and yeahh good only :)

  10. Hey very nice review rads...
    U look really pretty n I have it n loved it...

    1. Thank you are fair skin girl na so this will looks nice on you :)

  11. Hi Radha, nice shade. Sad that it didn't suit you well. But don't worry still you can use it. You can use a makeup primer before your foundation to hold the blush longer on your cheeks. Use a matte powder blush on top of MUA cream blush, preferably in the same shade so that it doesn't look too shiny on your oily skin. Howzzat?

    1. Hi Nisha Superrrr......Thank you so much for your idea...I will try this and make this blush perfect as you said :)

  12. This shade is gorgeous!!sad that didn't suit u:(


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