Thursday, February 7, 2013

Maybelline's “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH” Contest

Hello Beauties,

Here I am with an interesting short term period contest from Maybelline. It is Maybelline's “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH”  Contest. As we all know about Maybelline, it is a great and attractive makeup products brand. I am a big fan of Maybelline brand and glad to announce this Contest on my blog. Let's see what is the Contest.....

The Maybelline's “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH” Contest:

Below is the contest question.

Maybelline New York asked girl's to share what was on their mind.
Be it weekends, flings, kisses, boyfriends or their shopping funds, the hottest topic on the Maybelline New York Girl's mind is “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH”
Girls, do you feel the same way? Tell us what you wish lasted longer!

Here’s how you can join in:

It is very Easy

Girl’s, being the daily divas that you are, we want YOU to tell us if you too feel that ‘It’ doesn’t last long enough.

Maybelline New York has a surprise for you. A surprise that ‘Lasts as long as you do.’ Tweet to Maybelline to know what it is! They will be revealing ‘it’ at their outdoor reveal event which is taking place on 8th Feb at @ Phoenix mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Maybelline will give out a product to 1 winner with the quirkiest answer.
The contest starts at Friday (8/02/13) Morning and Ends at Friday (8/02/13) Evening.
 Don't forget to Join them on Twitter on 8th Feb to know more! :)

Here is the Contest Rules:
 1. Be a Fan of FB Fan Page Maybelline - If not do it Here 
4. Give your Answers in my Blog. ( Also answer in this Here in the Maybelline Facebook Fan page LINK )
All The Best Beauties....
With Love


  1. I'm a good swimmer,but I doesn't good last long enough to enter a championship.

  2. The moment when you scare some one to death..i wish that moment lasted a little longer so that i get to enjoy the expressions on their faces a little longer <3

  3. I wish to have soup to be hotter but soup doesn't hot last long enough until I finish my work.

  4. Hey Radha New follower here

    I wish my pocket money lasted longer. End of the month I am totally broken :(

    Do checkout my Valentine's day giveaway :)

  5. I always wish my shopping money lasted forever...

  6. I wish Ice cream lasted longer in my cup :\ It gets over within seconds of being loaded :P

  7. Hi radha your review is nice. Lasted forever ......................wat to pocket is empty ...............

  8. Hi
    There are so many things I wish to last longer:

    Teacher's scolding to someone I hate
    when I slap someone
    happy moments
    butterflies in stomach
    blushing :)

    1. Already a fan of them and I have also commented on their facebook page :)

  9. Honeymoon Vacation Doesn't Lasts Long Enough ... ;)

  10. In my mouth chocolate does not last longer.. I wish it stayed for more time.

    and another important craving is my daughter's baby-hood does not last longer. I wish she was a baby for some more time. She is growing very quickly.

  11. I wish to buy expensive presents but I doesn't last long enough money to buy

  12. weekends!! weekends!! weekends!!

    they just dont last long enough for me.... in a jiffy i get monday blues...

    wud love to make weekends last long enough by having 5 day weekend + 2 work days :D

    FB: Revathy HealthnBeauty

  13. i wish my mother's night time pats and rubs lasted longer. She has magic in her hands dat makes me so relaxed even after a hard day at work. And, of course i also wish tat my shopping fund lasted longer :P
    fb: Raji voiceofrm

  14. Time spent away from my smartphone doesn't last long enough :D

  15. i wish the taste of my favourite chocolatesand junkies lasts longer in my that i don keep hogging them always and i don add kilos to my weight :-P :-P

  16. I wish mehendi on palms and feet lasted longer and the fragrance of mehendi remain even lasted longer... :))

  17. I wish my daughter childhood last longer so that I enjoy playing with her for longer but she is growing at jet speed....:))

  18. i wish the beautiful moments me n my hubby share last forever!!!

  19. I wish the childhood last longer. :)

  20. i wish our entire whole world people every living being and their happiness woulb be lost longer :)

  21. A good impression on that special someone's mind lasted longer!


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