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How to Draw Flowers on the Nails-Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Beauties,
I have posted some Nail Art looks few days back, Nail Arts using Toothpick. It was very nice and got great responses. So, I thought that making a step by step tutorial for that Nail Art. Things needed for this Nail art...

1. Two contrast colour Nail paints.
2. One Toothpick

Let's see the Tutorial....

How To do Nail art by using Toothpick:
Funny Truth: Toothpicks are a stick that is used for eliminating the remnants of foods which got stuck inside the tooth.

Here we all using it for taking the Nail paint to put small dots and dragging them to make a design.

The Toothpicks

First Start to apply a Nail paint on your nails. Choosing the colours for this nail art is important. You have to choose contrast colours for background and flower design. Then only the Nail art will come well.

Here I have chosen a coral shade nail colour as a background from VOV nail paint. Apply the nail colour uniformly, which will be helpful to draw Flowers.

Now Let the nail paint dry completely for some time. If you try the flower design with out drying the background nail paint, both the colours will mix and whole nail art will get collapsed.

After the background colour got dried put four dots on the nails like this. For putting that four dots, take out few drops of nail paint (which you are going to draw flower) in a thick sheet or some plastic lid.

Take the nail paint through the tooth pick and put four dots uniformly.

After putting the dots, wait for some time (few minutes) to make the dots a little solid and thick. After that put the toothpick sharp end in the middle of the dot and drag it towards inside. Do this step for other three dots.

Wow!!! You can see a beautiful flower like this now.

Now above the flower decorate it with some other dots like this or you can do some other designs which you want to do.

That's it I am done with my Flower nail art. It is so easy. Do try it and let me know how it came out.

Simple and quick nail arts
How to Draw Flowers on the Nails-Nail Art Tutorial
The messy flower from the left finger because of my Son :) . He was disturbing me while I am doing this part.

The products I have used for this Nail art....

Vov Nail Paints and a single Tooth pick. I can't show the picture how to drag the dot to flower. Because, I was using my both hands for this work and nobody there to take picture for me. So forgive me please. You can try different flowers with different colours and do let me know how it looks on your nails...

I am Reading so many Nail Art posts of My friends regularly. Still, I am not that much inclined to try some nail arts. It is because of I don't have enough patience and nail stamps etc. One day When I was doing my regular manicure and pedicure, Suddenly some idea clashed on my mind. So, did this nail art with My Envy Nail Colour and some White Stones which I have for decoration on my Bindi. Let's see How is my nail Art.......... also tried another nail art idea given by Puja dear :) Flower in Red background :)

Hope You all will like my First Nail art Tutorial
Thank you and Keep coming
With Love Radha.


  1. Wow so easy peasy n u explained it so well hon! Looks great

  2. pretty and lovely tutorial:)keep going:)

  3. very pretty tute Dear. :) I love it!!

    1. Thank you Niesha...I am glad that you love it dear :)

  4. Nice tutorial :)
    I used to do the same thing but I found using a paintbrush so much more easier so switched to it :)

    1. Using paint brush sounds interesting...will try it soon...thanks dear :)

  5. Very nice tute it...u explained every thing well...:)

    1. Awww Puja Thank you dear..I am glad that you liked this Tutorial..still you are the great Nail artist :)

  6. You're the decoration pro, dear ;)

    1. Hahaha :)) Thank you so much Egle...your words means a lot to me

  7. very well explained:) loved it:)

  8. OMG! That looks too good and you made it look very easy. Will have to try it on my daughter. She would love it. thanks for sharing.

  9. gorgeous and cute dear... loved it... keep em coming.


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