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Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm Review

Hello Beauties,
Hope all of you doing a good with a Beautiful day. Today I am going to review Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm. I am already using Young Discover Youthopia Foundation and loved it a lot, Read the review HERE. So, I wanted to try their other products like lip balm, lipsticks. I was searching for a organic lip balm too ,so picked up this one. Because, Lip balm is the most cosmetic thing I am using often in the lips which will go inside the mouth also. Chemical may cause side effects by long term use, so I have decided to switch over to an Organic Lip Balm. Let's see the Review.....

About The Product:
Organic lip balms
Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm Review
Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm
Price   - 110 INR
Shelf life  - 36 months
Quantity - 5 gms

Product Description:
A Healing touch with certified organic clarified butter(cow ghee), Kokum butter(garcinia indica), Honey and Bee wax. This all natural lip balm provides a protective shield and soothes the lip. It will avoid dehydration, heal and prevent dry, chapped lips with its gentle ingredients. The product is free from petroleum based ingredients.

certified organic clarified butter(cow ghee), Bees Wax, Kokum Butter(garcinia indica), and Honey.

 Store at room temperature, Patch test recommended before first use.

Clean your lips with a moist cotton ball and apply evenly. Reapply when required.

My Experience With Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm:

The Packing is so cute white roll on tube, Comes in a thick white paper pack. It has a Black air tight lid. It is very cute small sturdy tube can carry around with me anywhere even in a small purse.

The Lip balm roll is half white in colour and the smell is exactly like Ghee :). The lip balm roll on is little hard in it's texture. But, gilds on the lip smoothly and moisturise the lips perfectly. The smell is not that much pleasant. This lip balm remembering me my olden days memories. I use to apply ghee or butter for my lips as per my mom's advice. This lip balm is exactly like that and making me feel so secured while applying.

The moisture power stays for some few hours. It is not easily wash out by drinking or eating. Reapplying times like 4 to 5 times a day for me. Totally loved this lip balm and felt so happy by my choice this time :).

My Likes With Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm:
  • It is organic Lip balm safe on lips.
  • The ingredients are excellent in lip moisturising.
  • It is free from Petroleum based ingredients.
  • The staying power of moisture is good.
  • Heels the cracked lips and skin peels on the lips very well.
  • It is travel friendly tube and cute one.
  • Affordable for it's quality and quantity.
My Dislikes with Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm:
  • The smell may not be good all the time.
  • The hard structure of the lip balm makes little difficult while applying.
  • Availability only through online stores.
My Final Verdict of Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm - It is a good and affordable Organic lip balm for natural lovers.

Hope this review will be helpful for you all,
Share your thoughts and Stay beauty,
Love you all.........


  1. i was wanting to try this.. now after ur review will go buy this asap!! thanks radha :)

    1. I am glad that my review helped you Supriya...Hope you will like it :)

  2. I think I will get this next :)

  3. a new product.nice review it.

  4. Nice review Dear..:)
    i will try it once i am done with the baby lips and others.. I am a lip balm hoarder i think .

    1. Thank you Neisha :) I think I am gonna try baby lips soon :) hehehe

  5. Love it ! Great post :D
    xoxo <3

  6. I wanted to try out the lip balm and their foundation. I may now go for the lip balm, but shall wait for somebody to review the foundation first :P

    1. Lol Nivi I have reviewed the foundation long time back :)

  7. I've never used an organic lip balm.. Will keep it in mind next time I shop :D

  8. I like healing balms, unfortunately it's not easy to find good ones. Good review, dear ;)

  9. nice review rads... will get it :D

  10. nice review radha :) anything organic excites me these days :)...I wud love to try this...which website did u get this from dear???

    1. Thank you dear....You can get this from urbantouch madhu :)

  11. I am a Graphic designer who has been live Bangladesh and used Lip Balm for many years. It’s protecting our lip. Its quality is a very nice. But its price is very cheap. Not only is it perfectly suited for your own lips, it makes for a wonderful gift as well.


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