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My Winter Skin Care Essentials - Winter Skin care Routine

Hello Friends,
Hope all are doing good, I am Good :) . I have got a little time to post this Month NBBN Theme post. Because, this month is going to finish soon. I am going to post about my Winter skin care Essentials. We all know that Skin care for Winter is totally different from Summer. My Skin will be super oily and prone to Pimple and acne during Summer. During Winter My skin type will turn to combination like My T-Zone will be shiny and oily, My Cheeks are tend to become dry and itchy due to winter dry weather. My skin is sensitive too.

Sensitive skin can easily turn to dry and itchy, because Sensitive skin will react each and every weather condition promptly. If I forgot to cover My Face by Scarf when I travel in a cool wind, I will get dry and itchy Cheeks and Allergic rashes immediately. By searching seriously about Sensitive skin care I have found some good Skin care products. Also My Dermatology Dr suggested me some Creams for Treatment.

Here comes My Skin care Routine:
Face Wash:
In the Morning Time I will use my usual face wash Astaberry Wine Face wash. It is very helpful for me during this winter. It moisturizes and cleanse very well. It is better to choose non leather face wash during winter which will good in moisturizing. Read My Review Astaberry Wine Face wash HERE 

Winter skin care
My Winter Skin Care Essentials - Winter Skin care Routine
My Night Time Cleanser and makeup Remover:
Guess What it will be???? Yeah, It is Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin. Read My Review HERE

This Cleansing Lotion is very mild and cleanse the makeup very well. A good choice for Sensitive skin beauties.

My Body Moisturizers:
During Winter I must need Moisturizer for my Hands and Legs after bath. I am lazy to apply moisturizer for the whole body. But I will massage my whole body once in a week by olive oil or Sesame oil. My Current favorite Moisturizers are Himalaya Herbals intensive moisturizing Body Lotion and Vaadi Herbals Rich Velvety Moisturizing Lotion. I am using Vaadi Herbals Rich Velvety Moisturizing Lotion in the day time and Himalaya Herbals intensive moisturizing Body Lotion in the night time.

Will Review Both Moisturizing Body lotions Soon....

My All Time Favorite Olive Oil:

I know that We all are using olive oil for our skin care routine. I am using olive oil for massaging purpose most of the time. I am using Farrell Extra virgin olive oil. This is very effective one.

My Night Cream:

Winter night creams

Currently I am using Lotus Herbals Nutranite Night cream, Review Coming soon....
Whenever I feel that my face got some pimples I will use Acnemoist moisturizing cream during night time.... Read My Review HERE

My Lip care:
During Winter Lips needs extra care, I am using a lot of lip balms alternatively, Currently these two lip balms stole my heart

Already Reviewed Young Discover Youthopia Organic Lip Balm Review
Nivea essential Care for lips Review Coming soon..........

See you all soon.......
Hope you all will like my winter care post....
Please share about your winter care with me......
With Love Radha


  1. i love olive oil too, you've got really nice products :)

  2. Very nice post.:)
    Extra virgin olive oil is very good and review that Lotus nutranite soon.

    1. Sure Neisha Will Review tomorrow for you dear... Thank you :)

  3. I too Love Nivea lip balm..plz review the Lotus night cream..Your review of Astraberry wine face wash really tempted me to try this...

    1. Thank you Prachi...ya that face wash is really ood one....

  4. I am very lazy to use these many products. But I am not at all lazy to use makeup :-P I remove makeup applying coconut oil or chinnu's baby oil :-P
    But I too use Lotus Nutranite cream. Hey you have spilled out your beauty secret Radha ;-)

    1. Hehehe Nisha lol ;-) me totally opposite to you, lazy in make up,active in skin care...

  5. Thanks for taking time for sharing this article, it was excellent and very informative. Its really very useful of all of users


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