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Colorlife Acetone Free Nail Colour Remover Review

Hello Beauties,
Today I am going to Review Colorlife Acetone free Nail Colour Remover. I am a regular Nail polish user, and I will change my Nail colour often. Also I am trying some nail arts too. So, I need a good Nail Remover. I was using some other non-branded nail colour remover, when I am not using nail polishes regularly. Now I am so much concern about my nails, so I have bought this one in online. This is my second bottle, and I am very much impressed by this Nail colour remover. The Review Follows...

About The Product:
Affordable nail polish removers
Colorlife Acetone Free Nail Colour Remover Review
Colorlife Acetone Free Nail Colour Remover 
Price  30Rs 
Quantity 30 ml
Shelf life not mentioned
Available in online store

Product Description:

Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloevera . Dab on to cotton wipe off Nail colour smoothly. Your Nail will look Fresh, Healthy and Clean.


Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Vitamin E, Aloe and Perfume.

My Experience with Colorlife Acetone free Nail Colour Remover:
The Packing of this nail colour remover is very handy and cute. It is Gloss Bottle with a Golden scroll type lid. Inside a press type white lid for prevent leakage and vaporisation of the liquid. It is gloss made, so I have to be careful when handling with this nail remover.

The Nail colour remover liquid is has a slight chemical smell. I have to open the tight lid every time when I want to use this nail colour remover. I use to pour this nail colour remover on a cotton ball and swipe it on my nails to remove my Nail polish. Just a few drops is enough for me to clear my five fingers. It can easily remove matte nail polishes, but the glitter polishes needs extra effort to remove.

After removing the nail colour, strains the nails looks nice with shine.  I never feel dryness on my Nails after removing my nail colour. For the price it works amazing. I can say this nail colour remover is a budget buy.
This Colorlife brand has nail paints and lipsticks too, I hope they will be good as like this nail paint remover. The nail paint has awesome shade collections, I am going to buy some soon.

The pros of Colorlife Acetone free Nail Colour Remover:
  • Very cute and tiny gloss Bottle.
  • It is Affordable
  • The Nail colour remover has best quality for its price.
  • Easily removes the nail polish colours on the nail.
  • Small amount is enough
  • Won’t dry up the nails.
  • Gives slight shine to the nails.
  • Acetone free nail paint remover.
The Cons of Colorlife Acetone free Nail Colour Remover:
  • For Glitter nail colours you may need extra amount and effort to remove.
  • The Chemical smell.
  • Availability only through online.
Final Verdict about Colorlife Acetone Free Nail Colour Remover:
This is a good and Affordable Acetone free nail colour remover and worth for the buy. You can easily get it through online...

Hope This Review helped you all.....

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  1. thanks for sharing this Radha, I was actually looking for something like this

    1. Thank you Shweta... Do try this nail colour remover :)

  2. ohh that good.:) i saw it at UT.
    Congrats for the domain dear.:)

    1. Thank you Neisha...Ya I have bought this one day back and not yet declered in public :)

  3. packaging is very similar to dear old lakme. nice review, thanks

  4. Looks nice.. I love using Lakme's nail polish remover, it works great!

  5. Only for 30 bucks...I m so getting this :)

    1. Yeahhhh 30Rs is dead cheap...I am stocking this already :)

  6. Replies
    1. Yes Coral It is so affordable and good easy buy for everyday users :)

  7. this sounds good. nice review dear

    1. Thank you Raji what nail colour remover you are using?

  8. So effective yet inexpensive..I want to try..Nice review

    1. Yes Prachi.....Do try it Hope you will like it :)

  9. You can get it from sites like flipkart, urbantouch


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