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Votre Under Eye Cream Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review Votre Eye Cream. Now a Days My Eye can't live without Eye cream. Because, I have severe Sinusitis problem which become worst in this winter. This reason cause My eye's fine lines worst and mostly with puffy eyes all time due to cold. So, I have became serious in searching really a good eye cream that can help me. I have no dark circle problem much, my main problem is Fine lines and puffy eyes. I have found this Votre Eye cream in Urbantouch. So, ordered with other goodies......Let's see the Review........

About The Product:
Best under eye creams
Votre Under Eye Cream Review
Votre Eye Cream
Price  - 347 INR
Quantity  - 30 g
Shelf Life -  1 year
Available at online stores

Product Description:
Pleasant refreshing product with goodness of botanical extracts and herbal to relax the fatigued and stressed eye muscle and minimize dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

Causes of dark Circles:
There are many reasons causes dark circles, puffiness and sine line, Major factors like stress, lack of sleep, etc.

Key Ingredients as Daucus carota, curcuma amada, symplocas racemosa, aloevera, ocimun sanctum, wheat germ oil, almond oil.

My Experience with Votre Eye Cream:
The Eye cream comes in a White Tube and scroll type lid. The eye cream have very mild and pleasant smell. It is Milky white in colour and non greasy thick texture.

I have used so many Eye Cream to experiment, whether it is removing my fine lines. So, Really I don't have any faith with this eye cream and started using it. This absorb by my around the eyes area well with little massage by ring finger. Leaves My eyes well moisturised and non greasy. It is best for day wear too. I didn't see any sweating and shining around my eyes.

I am almost going to finish this tube. The results are little slow, but wonderful. My Fine lines around my eyes are minimized and my eye area getting firm. This is the picture I have taken after applying the Eye cream.

I had very bad fine lines under my eyes which always made me cry. ya, It makes me looks dull and old :( . So, thank you for Votre for solving my problem.

I didn't get any irritation when applying and no breakouts around the eyes. Because the company itself saying they are Hypo allergenic.

This Eye cream brightens my Eye area well, as I have told before I don't have much Dark circle. I hope this eye cream will do a good job on under eye Dark circles too.

My Likes with Votre Eye Cream:
  • It is Non Greasy Eye cream.
  • It won't cause any breakouts around the Eye.
  • It Won't make sweat or Irritation.
  • Very mild and Pleasant Smell won't bother our nose.
  • Effective in reducing fine lines n dark circles.
  • Working well as a day moisturiser for eyes.
  • Hypo allergenic and non comedogenic.
My Dislikes with Votre Eye Cream:
  • It is bit costlier.
  • Available only through online stores.
My Final Verdict of Votre Eye Cream is Very Good Eye Cream For Fine lines and Dark circles, So Gals do try it....

Hope You all will find useful in this Review
Share your thoughts and Stay Beauty
Love you all.....


  1. looks like a product worth trying.

    1. Yes Anamika It is really very nice and working well :)

  2. I am glad its working for you. :)

  3. Today itself i saw it online. and glad to know it is a good product.:)
    Nice review Nandini.<3

  4. Happy Holidays!
    Sorry I haven't been around, but I'm still sick.

  5. Wowieee... I need to try this.. doing loads of eotd's take a toll over ur eyes... Great review.. Radha! <3

    1. Thank you Erica I hope you will love it :) <3

  6. looks a like a good product!! would love to try this next..

    Nice review Radha! :)

    1. Thank you Dear.... Ya this is working well...Hope you will love :)

  7. oh this sounds great! I am using shahnaz husain's eye cream but there's no effect at all! I should try this one next

  8. hey. sounds to be a gr8 one at tat!

    once i get rid of my dark circles.. i m gonna pick this for my fine lines.. even i get p*ssed off since my EOTDs look bad coz of these lines...

    1. Hey Revathy this is for under eye circles too..try this eye cream, this will be effective for dark circles too :)

  9. Have you any idea about the dark circle and fine line removal masque from the same brand? Is it worth trying as well! I have major dark circles, which dont seem to go away by any cream. They promise to firm the under eye.


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