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Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack Review

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Hi dear Friends...Hope all are doing good....I am back with a sweet Review here.......Today I am going to Review Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack. I bought this through Urban touch. I am using so many Vaadi products already, and they are never made me disappointed. So, chosen Face pack also from this range. Because, I have sensitive skin I will always go with Lavender contains products which calms and soothes the skin effectively. Let's see the Review.....

About The Product:
Best face packs for sensitive dry skin
Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack Review
Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack
Price: 68 INR

Quantity: 25 ml
Shell life: 36 Months

Product Description:
Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Sandal powder, Manjistha and Mariglod oil.
Apply a thick layer evenly all over the face and neck leave on for about 30 minutes, Rinse off with water.

 Active Ingredients:

Apply a thick layer all over the face and neck evenly and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

My Experience with Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack:
This Face pack comes in a white plastic Tub and The Face pack in Lavender colour, Lavender smell. I loves this cute white Tub, small and travel friendly. The only problem is I have to put my fingers inside the tub for taking the face pack while applying it on my Face.

I am a Lavender lover, so this smell is not a problem for me. This Face pack works wonder for me. It makes skin smooth, soft and supple. I can't take out my hand from my face by feeling the smoothness. It is easy to apply, and easy to wash. It won't dry up and won't tugging the skin after absorbed by the skin.
It makes skin baby soft and helps in removing small unwanted pimples. It even out the skin by regular use. I am using it weekly once, on a regular basis.

My Likes with Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack:
1. This Face pack comes in a little cute tub which is easy to carry.
2. This Face Pack makes skin Baby soft.
3. This Face pack removes unwanted small pimples and even out the skin wonderfully.
4. This face pack is easy to apply and wash.
5. Worth for the price.
6. Goodness of Lavender and Rosemary.
7. Good for all skin types. 
8. Especially it is very good for Dry skin beauties.

My Dislikes with Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack:
1. It finishes quickly.
2. A little extra amount needs to apply.
3. Taking the face pack from the Tub by digging my finger is unhygienic....better Vaadi have to change it to tube form.
4. You have tolerate the Lavender smell for 30 minutes.(not a problem for me)

My Final Verdict Vaadi Herbals Lavender and Rosemary Face Pack is a must have Winter Face pack for all skin type beauties....Dry skin beauties must try this Face pack...I am sure you will love this...

Hope this Review will be Helpful for you all...
Share your comments and stay beauty...
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  1. Nice review ;) I like laverder scents in creams, have one for body :)

    And - welcome back, dear!!!!

  2. Good review RAds ;) Welcome back into action! <3 Take care of your health properly hereafter.

  3. I like lavendar but my skin hates it!Totally allergic to it! I love d color of the pack <3

    1. Ohh that's so sad never heard lavender cause allergy dear... :(

  4. Very nice review rads. .I love lavender smell too.
    Welcome back ...take care of Urself n have rest :):)

  5. very nice review radha... i think by now we can crown u as d queen of herbal product reviews... :) i have ordered few things with harini herbals.. <3

    1. Thank you Dear....Awwww that's so sweet...thank you again.....Even me going to order some from Harini herbals Raji...

  6. Nice review Nandini..:) glad you are back.

  7. hi radha!how are u?welcome back.nice review.take rest yaar.

  8. Just came acrood ur blog. Its just great. Following u. Do you want to follow me -

    1. Thank you Madhavi Dear.... Following you too....Nice Blog ....u have :)

  9. nice review nandini :) btw i'm from
    would feel great if u join there:)

    1. Welcome to my Blog Dear...I have joined to ur Blog :)

  10. Nice review! :) I too wanted to purchase this but haven't been able to find it anywhere :(
    Btw, could you check out my blog and follow if you like it? :)

    1. Thank you Neha... :) You can find it in Urbantouch n Fkipkart dear....
      Sure I will visit n follow u dear...


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