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Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap Review

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Happy Weekend Beauties,Today I am Going to Review Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap For Radiant Complexion. It is also an Awesome Soap from Vaadi Range. I love Herbal Soaps and nowadays I am using Vaadi's Range Soaps more.......I was using Vaadi Herbal Divine Sandal soap and Reviewed too. Niesha Told me this Soap is very good and do try it. So, I bought this one last time. Now almost going to finish this Soap :)...So it's the right time to Review...

About The Product:
Best herbal soaps
Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap Review
Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap 
Price: 30 INR
Quantity: 75 g
Shell life: 3 years

Extracts of Khus, Olive Oil, Palm Kernal Oil, Soyabean Oil & Essential Oils.

The Cicatrisant activity of the Indian Khus grants this Soap amazing rejuvenating property. It promotes the re-growth of skin cells: which helps in removal of dead cells, fading of marks as well as in bringing newer, softer, younger skin to the surface!

Khus: Boosts Cellular Renewal, Hydrates&Smoothes Skin.

My Experience with Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap :

It is a pleasing Pale light Green colour Bar with Awesome smell. I loved the Smell very much, whenever I enter my Bathroom this smell comes around me and makes me Happy. This is really Awesome soap and lathers well, leaves skin clean. I can't say it leaves skin moisturised, but it is not leaving my skin stretchy or tight feeling after bath. Since, this is dry whether I am applying Moisturiser. I love my everyday bath because of it's lovely smell and natural ingredients. This soap makes my bath experience as a spa treat experience.

Regarding For Radiant Complexion I have to use 2 more Soaps I think... Generally Indian Khus is good for skin. The lemon and olive oil present in it is good for skin complexion as well. The soya bean oil presents in this soap is for healthy and for good complexion. It helps in fading pigmentation and helps to reduce blemishes. but, I didn't used this soap on my face. Generally I use face wash only for my face skin. I feel so refreshed after taking bath by this Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap. The soap claims the Indian Khus presents in it will rejuvenates and refresh your skin. I feel always that this soap cools my skin well, because Indian Khus in it. I am sure I will buy this soap again and again. 

My Likes with Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap :
  • Lovely Colour and Awesome smell.
  • Leaves skin clean and normal after bath.
  • Lathers well
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Affordable Price.
  • No dry or stretchy feel after bath.

My Dislikes With Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap :
  • No full ingredient list
  • Quickly finishing.....
My Final Verdict about Vaadi Herbals Royal Indian Khus Soap:
It is a best soap I found from Vaadi Herbals soap collections. Beauties, do try this soap and I am sure you will enjoy your everyday bath.

Hope This Review will be useful for you all
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  1. Great review...the color is soo pretty...will try this one out... :)

    1. Thank you Neha...This is Awesome Soap dear...

  2. for 3 years.sounds great.nice review:)

  3. Nice review..:)
    i have this one and its a good products.

    1. Thank you Neisha because of u me bought this....:)

  4. from the day I have started using Fiama spring clear soap I have not switched to any other soap :-D

    1. Ohhh Is it? I have also used Fiama's Soaps.... :)

  5. I used a facial bar from Vaadi. Very nice soap. Will try this one. When you try 2 more soaps, let me knw abt the radiant complexion for sure hehehe...
    I think I need it.

    1. Even I was thinking to use their Facial bar...since I have sensitive skin so i am hesitating to try that....
      lol me joked just i have bought another variety from vaadi will use that one :)


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