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KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion Lavender Review

Hello Friends,
Hope All Are Doing Good. Today I am going To Post KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion - Lavender. This is My another Lavender collection. This Body Lotion I got through Urbantouch. Actually I have ordered this one in my previous purchase, but somehow this gone to out of stock :( . So, I got this in my November Haul. For winter My hand and legs all need Moisturising. I will do it twice a Day. Let's see the Review....

About The Product:
Lavender in beauty care
KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion Lavender Review
KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion - Lavender 
Price     -52 INR
Quantity- 60 ml
Shell life- 2 years

Product Description:

KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion - Lavender with natural extracts of Lavender and Thyme.
Repair, Hydrates, Soften
Provencal Lavender is a Repairing, Nourishing and Protecting blend. Lavender essential oil is excellent for the skin because of it's antiseptic properties. It supports the skin system and it's overall health & well being. Essential oils hold the life force of nature's beauty.

Active Ingredients:
Lavendula angustifolia, thymus Vulgaris

Apply Generously on Body and Face massage until it absorbed fully.

My Experience With KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion - Lavender :
It is small sturdy white plastic Bottle. The Cream looks white in colour and smells very pleasant (little medicinal smell may not be liked by some beauties). I love this smell, because it's lavender smell. It has Flip cap open and easy to drop the cream on hands. It is very travel friendly.

The cream is Semi liquid and easy to apply. Easily absorbed by the skin and leaves skin smooth and well moisturized. Non Greasy one and smell long lasting for some time. It calms my Skin after bath and makes it supple. I didn't use it on my Face, but using it on my Hands and Legs, mainly for hands. The moisture power also comes for long time. I feel so protected because of it's smell and moisture power.

I am going to try their other products as I am inspired by this body lotion very much. This protect totally fulfills its claims. Lavender is really good for skin moisturizing. I love lavender in my beauty care products.

My Likes With KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion Lavender :
  • Good Sturdy Pack and Travel friendly.
  • Price is also affordable.
  • Gives a good Moisture protection.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Moisture power comes for long time.
  • Easy to apply and easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Goodness of Lavender and Antiseptic properties.

My Dislikes With KronoKare Cosmetics Body Lotion - Lavender :
  • The Pack of 60ml is not enough for using as a Body lotion.
  • Can get through only online.
  • It smells like medicine slightly may be some beauties don't like it.
  • Will finish off quickly.

My Final Verdict is It is a Wonderful Lavender Body Lotion That The Beauties who wants Pamper Their skin with Lavender and compact Body Lotion can carry around with you and apply whenever you Need.

Hope This Review will be useful for you all....
Share your valuable comments and Take care.....
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  1. Nice review Nandini:)
    I am not a big fan of lavender smell but will check out this brand at

    1. Thank you Neisha....I am a big fan of Lavender..... :)

  2. Nice review rads..I love lavender smell...♥

  3. nice review radha..and i love lavender smell

  4. nice review radha... have seen many products of this brand on ut :)

    1. Thank you Supriya...ya they are available in UT :)

  5. Everything looks good, except that small volume :)

  6. i have never heard of this brand... lemme check this out when i shop from UT

  7. Nice review dear :) I am not a great fan of lavender fragrance though :)

  8. never heard about this before...where is its available online?

  9. nice review.. i have used their ginger conditioner and it was superb... do try that... :)

    1. I was thinking to try that one..thank you for your information dear...

  10. i have an award for u on my blog dear

  11. There are some awards for you and all my friends.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hi Demi Thank you for the Awards I will check out dear :)

  12. what happend radha?no online.busy?

    1. Actually I was not well....admitted in ok... Ramya Thanks :)


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