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Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash Review

Hello Friends,
Hope Everybody is doing good..... Today I am going to Review Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash. This Face wash is My first Purchase from Kahdi Herbals. I always inclined about using Herbal product, because there is less risk in side effects, also good for Skin. Though the Results delivered by them is slow, it is Permanent. Let's see about this face wash.....

About the Product:
Herbal fairness face washes
Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash Review
Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash
Price:       108 INR
Quantity:  210 ml
Available at online stores

Product Description:
Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash Excellent for Mature Skin, Snadalwood cools the skin and has immense healing properties. Honey moisturises, Rejuvenates, and keeps skin soft.

Sandalwood, Rosewater, Aloevera, Reetha, Honey, Glycerine.

My experience with Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash :
This Face wash is coming in a sturdy Pack and has a Flip cap, inside air tight lid is also there. The Face wash looks dark maroon colour and smells sandal 1/4 and 3/4 wooden smell....hahaha... :). It smells like when we cross an Ayurvedic shop in the street. I can not say it is a pleasant smell. This Face wash lathers well.

Well it is a good makeup remover too...I have tested it with water proof and non water proof make up things...I have used Coloressence Lipstick, Faces go chic lipstick, kajal and two Mascaras one is water proof and another one is non water proof. This face wash removed and cleansed all the makeup things well :)

There is tinge of Faces Go chic lipstick only left :). It needs olive oil to remove :) . Coming to the face wash quality, as a Face wash it is doing its job well...But, after washing my face it looks little oily and feels sticky... I have oily skin so want a fresh wash always. This face wash leaves my skin smooth, but little sticky feeling is there. And it hurts my eyes if accidentally get inside so badly. I think this is because of Reeta in it. It makes my skin more oily so I have stopped using this Face wash...It is sleeping in my stash calmly. Well, I will use it as a body wash anyway... so no worries...

My Mom loved their Soaps and shampoos, but me not much inspired their products.

My Likes with Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash :
  • Natural ingredients
  • Goodness of sandalwood and Honey ( I always loves both)
  • Affordable price for this large quantity.
  • Removing Dirt and makeup well.
  • Leaves skin Smooth and soft
  • No dry or stretchy feeling
  • Leaves skin super moisturised.
My Dislikes with Khadi Herbal Sandalwood and Honey Face Wash :
  • Bulgy pack
  • Not travel friendly
  • irritates eyes so badly
  • Sticky Feeling after washing
  • Oily skin may feel greasy after washing.
My Final Verdict is If you have a super Dry skin and Normal to dry skin Just try this Face wash will be very Helpful Beauties.... But if you have super Oily skin Please avoid this Face wash.....

Hope this Review will be Helpful For you All...
Share your Comments and Take care Lovelies :)


  1. lovely review radha..i too have oily skin so i guess this is not for me :(

    1. Thank you Toa....Ya We all sailing in the same boat :)

  2. I love ayurvedic products! Nice review:)

  3. Thanks. I have been waiting to buy this for a while. Will definitely try this now.

    1. Ohhh I am glad that My Review helped for your decision :)...Taq Varika

  4. Nice review..:)
    I have tried only one khadi product but have heard that most of them are quiet good.
    But this one is not for people with personal oil factories.:)

    1. Thank you Neisha....Ya Khadi products are good....You are correct hahahaha lol :)

  5. Sandalwood as an ingredient in facewash I hear for the first time :)

    1. Is it In Ayurvedic products they will use Egle... :)

    2. Sounds great ;) don't want to repeat, but our market is far from those products and that's sad.

    3. That's so sad But there is some specialities to get these things through can try this.... :)

  6. rads..very nice review n well written.
    i too love ayurvedic products..:)

  7. The color is what is drawing me. Any breakouts you had? ( I have oily skin too )

    1. No breakouts Nivi...But If you have oily skin then stay away from this face wash using Lass naturals Face wash it is too good...try it once :)

  8. There are some awards for you on my blog!
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you Demi.....I will check out sure...Same to u too... :)

  9. wow...
    gud to know that it helps in removing makeup also.
    but have you tried to remove mascara from eyes by this face wash?

    1. Thabk you Aka...Yes I have tried it on Face too...It removing mascara nicely... :)


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