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Harini Herbals Rose Fairness Face Pack Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review Harini Herbals Rose Fairness Face Pack. I always prefer Home made Face packs or Ayurvedic ones. I am using Multhani Mitti + Rose water face Pack regularly. This controls Oiliness on my skin well. Still I want some change and a Face pack can brighten up my Face without Chemicals. So when I browsed Harini Herbals Online website I have found this Face Pack will suits for my Wish. So bought it immediately. Let's see the review in detail...

About The Product:
Fairness face packs
Harini Herbals Rose Fairness Face Pack Review
Harini Herbals Rose Face Pack
Price : 85 INR
Quantity: 100 gms
Shell life: 1 month from buy

Dried Rose Petals and Nutmeg

Direction to Use:
Take 1 teaspoon of Rose Face Pack and Mix it With Rose water & make in to a smooth paste. Apply on your Face and Neck and let it Dry. After 15mns clean your Face with Wet cloth or wash your Face with Cold water.

Give light massage after 15mns before wash your face.
This Face Pack will Gives a bright look and repair tanned skin.

My Experience With Harini Herbals Rose Fairness Face Pack :

This Face Pack Comes pocket and I have opened it and stored in an empty air tight container

This Face pack is smells wooden like something. But it's not that much bothersome. This is a Finely grounded and have fine granules. When I mixed it with Rose water it looks like this...

I have applied it Three times already and I am completely in love with this Face pack :). It dries after 15 to 20 minutes and there is no stretchy feeling. I have applied water on the dried face pack and then rubbed very lightly and then washed by Cold water. Wow!!!! after washing I can see my face is far better than before and I can see the brightness and feel the Smoothness on my face.

I am using this Face wash weekly twice. For Oily skin You can mix it with Rose water. For Dry skin You can mix it with Curd or Milk. But this face pack never ever dries out the face...I am sure :). It is totally safe on your skin and made up off by simply rose petals and nutmeg which are great in skin brightening.

My Likes With Harini Herbals Rose Fairness Face Pack :
  • It has fully Natural ingredients
  • It is a homemade herbal product
  • Affordable Price.
  • Brightens Face in the 1st use itself
  • No dry and stretchy feel after washing
  • Helping in smoothing the skin and even out skin tone by regular use
  • It will fade out Pimple marks by regular use
  • Goodness of Rose and Nutmeg.
Actually There is no dislikes :) I love this Face pack very much.

My Final Verdict This is a Wonderful Face Pack That can Brightens and Smoothens Your Face without Drying.

Hope This review will be helpful for you all
Share your thoughts and Take care Beauties...


  1. Nice review..:)
    Nandini, you have become the brand ambassador of this brand..:)
    <3 <3

    1. Thank you Neisha...Actually may be I am hahaha lol....This home made ayurvedic product thou!!!!! :)

  2. wow sounds cool..! lemme try it.! even i use multani mutti with rose water.. :D

    1. Ya it's very nice Rajiiii just try it lol.... :)


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