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Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner Review

Hello Friends,
Hope Everybody is doing good. Today My Review Post is about Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner. I was using Banjara's Rose Water as My Daily Skin Toner. It is good, Still i feel to change my skin toner. I have heard a lot about lavender for sensitive skin treatment, also alcohol free skin toner is very good for sensitive skin. So, my hunt ended up with buying Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner. Let's see the Review........

About The product:
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Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner Review
Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner
Price        -   150 INR
Quantity  - 200 ml
Shell life  -  18 months

Product Description:

An alcohol free hydrating toner that cleanses, refreshes and soothes your skin. 

Purified water, Propyiene glycol, polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Lavender essential oil.

My Experience With Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner :
This is a sturdy Plastic Bottle with Flip Cap Open. The Skin Toner Smells like Heavenly lavender fragrance. I am sure those who loves Lavender a lot will fall in Love with this Toner like me. It is a colourless liquid and easy to apply by a cotton Ball. Sometimes I will apply this toner just by hands. It gives a subtle glow and I love that very much :) .

This Toner doing miracle on my skin, that almost it clears all my skin allergies and small unwanted pimples. It calms and soothes the skin effectively. Works well for the Open pores up to a certain Time. I never felt any greasiness or dryness, it keeps my skin soft and supple. This toner is great for sensitive skin and controls oiliness well. This toner hydrates skin keep it fresh for long time.This toner especially soothes and calm down Sun irritated skin. It is such a natural good toner which I never came across.

This Toner is perfect for winter season, also for sensitive skin Beauties like me. I never felt any irritation or allergy by this Toner. I know My skin became superb, the only reason is this Toner. This toner will be my all time favourite, and loved the results very much. So, I will be buying this toner again and again.

My Likes with Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner :
  • It is Alcohol free good for all skin type.
  • Goodness of Lavender Oil and simple ingredients.
  • Smells like Heaven.
  • It even out the skin by regular use.
  • No Irritation or no allergy
  • This toner is Very safe on Sensitive skin.
  • This toner moisture and Tones very Well.
  • It is easy to apply and absorbed by skin quickly.
  • No greasiness and leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • Easily available at Fab India stores and online stores.
  • Gives subtle glow to my face.
My Dislikes with Fab India Alcohol Free Lavender Skin Toner:
  • May sting Eyes if it get inside the eyes.

My Final verdict is It is a Wonderful and Must have Alcohol Free, Skin Friendly Toner Especially For Sensitive Skin. Girls....Everybody of us should have this.....

Hope This Review will be helpful for you all....
Share your Thoughts and Take care....
Love you All......


  1. nice review! seems that it worked grt for u!

    1. Yes Rimi...I am totally in love with this Toner :)

  2. hey this definitely is going to be my purchase... :)

  3. very good product indeed.. i am presently using biotique toner.. once it gets over will def pick it up...

  4. Replies
    1. Yup..... You can try this Apoo,,,, it's a great Toner :)

  5. Nice n clear review... Thanks for sharing, gonna try now.

    1. Thank you Nirmala....I am sure You will love it... :)

  6. Fab india toners are really nice.:) very nice review dear, :)
    i am using Jovees cucumber toner.:)

    1. Thank you Neisha...Is it? Jovees I have seen them often in the stores...have't tried anything :)

    2. Their cucumber toner is really nice , i am currently using it.:)
      will review soon.

    3. Is it? Somehow cucumber n Aloe vera is not working for am avoiding it contains products :(

  7. fab india tea tree toner m currently using,,and its really good..
    and i love reading your detailed reviews..
    keep reviewing :)

  8. I have used this. It is worth it and economical. <3


  9. Nice review, I hate toners that dry out my cheeks. This one looks good! Now following your great blog, please check out my blog in your spare time, xoxo.

    1. Thank you Dear.... Toners Which contain Alcohol must dry out skin....You Try Toners which is Alcohol Free will make your skin Glow :)

  10. Alcohol free toner - a great choice. Review is also great ;)

  11. i have used only rose water of fabindia...will give it a try :)

    1. This is Really a very good one Aka...that too or winter...give a try :)


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