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Elle18 Color Pops Cinnamon Bun 30 & Rusty 29 Review, Swatches & LOTDs

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to post Elle 18 Color Pops - Cinnamon Bun & Rusty Shades. My First Try from Elle 18 is Their Colour Eye Pencil in Green Shade....But, I had bad experience with that and totally avoided Elle 18 brand. Recently Aka from makeupfunda reviewed Elle 18 color pops lipsticks. The LOTD looks so beautiful and Review sounds good. So, I have bought the Color pop immediately to try out. Let's see About this cutie Pops....

About The Product:
Best affordable lipsticks
Elle18 Color Pops Cinnamon Bun 30 & Rusty 29 Review, Swatches & LOTDs
Elle 18 Color Pops - Cinaman Bun & Rusty Shade
Price : 100 INR Each
Quantity: 4.3ml
Available in selected beauty shops in the city as well as online

No Ingredients List Mentioned
Goodness of Cocoa Butter

My Experience With Elle 18 Color Pops - Cinaman Bun & Rusty Shades:

I loved this little Cutie Color pops very much... This pack looks so cute, and I loved the gal cartoon in it. There were a lot of shades in the store and I was in dilemma to select. Finally selected Cinnamon Bun and Rusty. I was thinking that cinnamon Bun will give a good pink colour....But it dis appointed me. But, Rusty works over than my expectations.....

The Shades :

Cinnamon Bun is a Nude shade with slight pink tint in it and it is tend to trans and not suits for my pigmented lips :( . Rusty is an awesome shade best for office wear, I mean daily wearable one, the pigmentation also better than Cinnamon Bun.

I loved the both shades....still. The Cinnamon Bun works very well and looks very the same time The cinnamon Bun shade I can say it is less than a lipstick and more than a Lip Balm. The lipsticks Smells like a sweet Bubble gum. :)

The Lipsticks Moisturising very well and easy to apply....But I need to swipe more to get a good colour on lips....

The Hand swatches:

The Rusty Shade:

Coral lipsticks

The Cinnamon Bun Shade :

Looks like I am wearing a colour lip balm.... :) You can see my pigmented lips here as well :p

My Likes with Elle 18 Color Pops - Cinaman Bun & Rusty :
  • Rusty is a good Nude shade.
  • Affordable price compared to the quality.
  • Goodness of  Cocoa butter (You can feel that while applying)
  • Rusty is the perfect daily wearable shade..
  • Awesome fun smell.
  • Travel friendly very cute lipsticks.
  • Lot of shades available.
  • Cinnamon Bun is not for pigmented lips and low pigmentation.
  • You have to swipe so many time to get the desired coverage.
My Dislikes with Elle 18 Color Pops - Cinaman Bun & Rusty shades:
  • No Ingredients listed
  • Poor Pigmentation for Cinnamon
  • Poor staying Power.
My Final Verdict 
Elle18 Color Pops - Cinnamon Bun 30 & Rusty 29 are wonderful lipsticks where as the Rusty is a fantastic shade for daily wear and the cinnamon bun shade is not better than a lip balm(poor pigmentation) These Lipsticks for those who wants to play fun with colours in affordable price also for Students.....

Hope My Review will be helpful for you everyone......
Share your comments and Take care.........


  1. Very Nice review...the shades are nice bt the pigmentation is very poor..

  2. Really nice review di..
    Love the shade of cinnamom looks really good on u... :)

    1. Thank you neha :)
      Ya me too loved the same shade.....:)

  3. Thanks for your review.. Good to know about the pros and cons and thanks for your wishes.

  4. very nice review..very very pretty lip swatches rads <3

  5. what a pity that pigmentation is poor :/ moreover, it's strange that no ingredients were listed..

    1. Yeah That is the big draw back....still I love this color pops Egle... :)

    2. Yes colors look great.

      And..I have one more award to your lovely blog ;)

    3. Wowww Thank you So much Egleeee ....

  6. I have Cinnamon bun and recently got rusty too.:)
    beautiful colors!!

    1. Ya they are very nice....Neisha we almost purchasing same products lol...

  7. Nice Shades.. but these seems they wont cover up the lines much..
    these are good for the prize we pay :D
    ❤I Diva❤

    1. Ya they are nice ya for 100rs this work is wonderful...:)

  8. i have rusty... its really pigmented! did u mix up the swatches or smthn?

    1. Nopz Vanilee I said na...Rusty is not for Pigmented agree it is pinky one...But get trans and shows my pigmented lips :(

  9. @Ramya n Care Thank you so much Dear Gals... :)

  10. Colors look great but not enough pigmentation :-(... I have one color dunno the has good pigmentation....I also love this range radha ....they are so affordable....

    1. Yes They are affordable and nice...I am gonna try More shades :)....Madhu :)

  11. Beautiful colors..I just now started following your it...keep up the good work !!!!

    1. Thank you so much and welcome to my Blog Sugandha :)....

  12. i luv color pink...rusty are my favorites :)

  13. i am loving the cinnamon bun :)

  14. Colors are good but it doesn't apply evenly. Why don't you try maybelline lipsticks or Faces Canada lipsticks. They are better though the price is slightly higher

  15. Ya The Colours are good but the cinnamon bun shade is not showing that much on my pigmented lips.... I am planning to try some maybelline and colorbar lippes soon Nisha Thanks for your suggestion :)


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