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VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal. My Favorite makeup thing is Kajal. I can't live without Kajal and Lip Balm. So, I will always collect variety of Kajal and Lip Balms. I have Himalaya and Lotus kajals already. Since, I wanted to try VLCC kajal as I am newly loving VLCC products. So I have ordered VLCC kajal. Did I like it? Let us see it in the review...

About VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal :
Black kajals
VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal Review
VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal with Liquorice & Camphor
Price  -- 150 INR
Shell life  -  2 years
Quantity  -  2.5 mg
Available in all stores easily...

Relaxes & Soothes eyes without smudging
An Unique formulation that does not smudge, smear or fade after application. The  goodness of natural oils and herbal extract nourish and relax the eyes. Tripala helps in maintaining good vision.

Method of use:
Apply gentlyon the inside edge of the eyelids.

Key Ingredients:
Tripala, Liquorice extracts, camphor, Almond oil.

My experience with VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal :
This comes in a Black cover pack like Kajal colour. The Packing is transparent and glossy.I was so eager to see this kajal swatch on my Eyes. Whenever a Kajal is new It will be very nice to apply without spreading under the eyes. So, this kajal also same like me. When I have applied it didn't give that much Black colour like Lotus Kajal by one time apply. I have to apply 4 to 5 times to get a thick line of kajal on my eyes.

The Company claims it does not smudge???? But, It is smudging 70% after sometime, also fades away quickly. May be my oily eyes are helpless to keep kajal for some time. Still am using it alternative days. It is not that much bad like Himalaya. When I apply Himalaya Kajal within few hours I will look like panda, Hehehehe.

The swatch in my hand is so thick but it is not coming in the waterline of eyes :(... It is not worth for the price. VLCC company should improve the quality of this Kajal. I am totally disappointed by this Kajal. This kajal is not suitable for oily lids.

My likes with VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal :
  • Made up of natural Ingredients.
  • No irritation and safe use for eyes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Smells good (Camphor smell)
  • Flimsy packaging.  
My Dislikes with VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal :
  • It is costly compares with the quality.
  • Smudges and fades away easily.
  • couldn't get a thick and good black line in your water line of your eyes
  • Have to apply several time to get a good black line.

My Final Verdict about  VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal:
This is not a kajal for those who wants a good Black pigmentation from a kajal. May be somebody wants to apply kajal with mild Black can use this kajal. This is a dud kajal for me...

Hope this review will be helpful for you all
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  1. Nice review Radha and which is your favourite kajal?

    1. Thank you Anu, My Fav Kajal is Lotus Lotus Lotus only... :) :)

    2. Lotus kajal says its natural but it smells so artificial. All of the kajal makers in India are liars and god knows what crap they make their kajals out of!!

  2. thanx for the review..will stop getting tempted for this...
    these kajal companys na..uhh...they always claim what they are not
    there is no Kajal on earth that will stay on my eyes:-p

    1. Thank you Aka...Same sad story with me too...I am badly wants a smudge proof kajal :(

  3. Hiii radha,
    Even iam disappointed with this one.. It fades away quickly..

  4. Good one!!!
    It seems very pigmented but i have never used kajal except for few times as i have myophia and had to wear contacts!!
    But i have used their cousin, eyeliner a lot ..:) :)

    1. yes it is ok ok Kajal....Eyeliners also good Niesha....I love them too...

  5. See i told you. The best.kohl is lakme kohl ultimate. Not even MAC could beat it!

    1. Yes Nisha...I have attracted by the Brand and it's ingredient..since it is not bad...It's an average product I like Lotus personally... :) :)

  6. Have you ever tried to apply kajal on the eye primer? Maybe it will last longer...

    1. No Egle...I will try this...Thank you for the idea... :)


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