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Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo Review

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I am going to Review Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo. Because, I am going to finish this Shampoo and have to Review it before throw this empty bottle. This is my first try in Khadi Herbals Shampoo. I love herbal products always. I was using VLCC Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and no Hair fall now, read the Review of VLCC Shampoo here. So, I wanted to try some Herbal Shampoo after this good experience and found this one from khadi Herbals. I have bought this one finally from Flipkart. Let us see the review in detail...

About The Product:
Best herbal shampoos
Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo Review
Price  -  85 INR
Quantity - 210 ml
Shell Life - not mentioned
Available in online stores

Product Description:
Khadi Herbal Shampoo Honey & Almond Oil  is best for Dry & Brittle Hair. It will Restore Vitality, Make hair Lustrous, Soft & manageable.

Wet Hair, Apply Shampoo and Lather Keep for Five to Ten Minutes, Rinse, Repeat it required.

Honey, Almond Oil, Shikakai, Henna.

My Experience with Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo :
This Shampoo comes in a Sturdy plastic bottle with lip cap Open. Inside the Flip cap open there is a pressed cap also their for preventing the leakage while travelling. This Shampoo looks maroon in colour and smells like my childhood days shampoo. I couldn't remember the name of that olden days shampoo, but it came in a tiny white bottle. Those days Shampoo is like dream for me because My mom is very strict and she don't allow me to use shampoo.

I have to say this Shampoo Fulfilled my expectations. It lathers well and cleans dirt from the scalp and hair very well. It is not stinging eyes horribly. Leaves Hair super soft and Shiny. My dry ends of my hair became soft. I have to say this is a good shampoo and Herbal one. I loved this shampoo very much and I am going to buy this shampoo again. 

There is no need of conditioner for this shampoo. The shampoo itself doing both the work and makes the hair soft and manageable. The almond, honey, shikakai and henna ingredients present in this shampoo are too good for hair care. Almond and honey is the best natural ingredients for moisturizing both skin and hair. Henna is best for conditioning hair and leaves the hair silky and shiny.

My likes with Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo :
  • Herbal Ingredients and Almond is good for Hair.
  • Mild Fragrance
  • Small amount is enough and lathers well
  • Leaves Hair soft and Shiny
  • Affordable and more quantity.
  • Travel friendly..(Heavy but won't leak)
My Dislikes with Khadi Herbals Honey & Almond Oil Shampoo :
  • No Full Ingredient list

My Final Verdict is It is a wonderful Herbal Shampoo for those who wants soft and shiny Hair. So go try it Gals. This is a must have a shampoo for dry hair beauties...

Hope this Review is useful for you all
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  1. Nice review Dear!!!
    Looks like a great product, i will try that.:)

    1. Thank you Neisha...Ya it is good Shampoo.... :)

  2. this shampoo looks gr8 may be ill try it out.. :D
    xoxo <3


  3. Oh Khadi products are organic ones so I had a perception they must be expensive, but this one is really a budget buy! Do they have anti dandruff shampoos or oils?

    1. I think They have everything...check in online Nisha you will get :)

  4. is this shampoo sulphate free? i mean they have not specified anyhting on the ingredients list about sulphates being there...

    1. Hi Tania I am not sure about it sorry since there is no full ingredients :(


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