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Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Peachy Pink Review and Swatches

Hello Friends,
Hope everybody is doing fine, Here Raining heavily in Chennai and I am enjoying the Rain :) . Today going to Review Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Colour - Peachy Pink . I am a big Fan of Peach shade and I have Three peachy shades of lipsticks in various brands :) . This one Coloressence, I have bought from Flipkart. It is for Daily use, I won't use Lipstick when I am in Home, but I will use when I am going nearby shops. So, I don't want a shiny lipstick for this purpose and selected this shade for this use. Let's see about this Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color - Peachy Pink.

About The Product:
Affordable pink lipsticks
Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color Peachy Pink Review and Swatches
Coloressence Colour your Spirit Mesmerising Lip Color - Peachy Pink
Price:       125 INR
Shell life: 3 years
Quantity:  4g

Mesmerising Lip Colour
A unique combination of Coriander & Basil Extract. This lip colour nourishes, protects, moisturises and is hypoallergenic. Voluminise the Lips.

Active Ingredients:
Almond Oil, Vit E.
100% vegetarian, No animal Ingredients.

My Experience with Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color - Peachy Pink:

I loved this Lipstick case, it is looks like a small box and in velvety Black. The shade looks in the picture is same when I applied in the Lips. I found little hard to apply on my lips, because it is little dry one. For getting thick and coloured lips I have to swipe it several times on my lips. But, I didn't face this problem with Faces Co Chic lipstick, with one swipe I got a intense colour. Ofcourse I am not suppose to expect the same quality. Otherwise, this is enough stay power for my purpose and looks very natural on my lips. I will apply lip balm to solve this dry part. It is what I expected for My daily use.

Now The swatches:

I liked the Vegetable ingredients and no animal ingredients and The moisturising power is not seems that it contains Almond oil and Vit E. It gives full coverage and for pigmented lips also it will workout. Also it is not bleeding badly. The SPF 15 makes me feel so protected. In Hand I am seeing some glitters but it won't show on lips.

My likes with Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color - Peachy Pink
  • Pretty Shade for all skin tone
  • Gives a good Coverage and covers the pigmented lips
  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • 100% vegetarian.
  • Lovely the Black lipstick case.
  • No bleed.
  • It has SPF 15 which is very good for daily use.
  • Stays on lips up to 4 hours.

My Dislikes with Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color - Peachy Pink:
  • Very poor Moisture.
  • Little difficult to Apply.
  • No Full ingredient list
  • I will say it is a Dry lipstick
  • Have to apply lip Balm for dry lips.

My Final verdict is It is a Very good Lipstick For Local outings will work out with lip Balm. Those who wants Creamy Lipstick should stay away from This and Those who wants simple wear, a lipstick with vegetarian ingredients must Try,

Hope this Review will be Helpful for you all
Please share your comments and Take care


  1. Nice review....The shade suits u alot... :)

  2. Nice review radha, but I think the shade looks more like orange than pink. Is it so radha?why they gave the name peachy pink? It looks more like my apricot nectar from lakme!

    1. Thank you Nisha...How are you doing??
      You are right, It is more Peachy than pink..,me too got little disappointed...
      They have to name to name it just Peachy orange lol hahaha

  3. Lovely shade..suits u sweethrt <3

  4. Lovely shade..suits u sweethrt <3

  5. i want to try so many coloressence products
    but all are out of stock :(

    1. Hi Aka I have seen this collection in Urbantouch dear...just check there... :)

  6. The shade looks really nice on you Radha. Pity I have dry lips :(

    1. Thank you dear...Hey Nivi You can use it with Lip Balm...even I am using like that....

  7. its a pretty shade it on u

  8. The shade is beautiful...its suits you sooo much :)
    I also bought the same color yesterday :) same pinch :)

    1. Thank you Rmyah...Is it? then same pinch yeah....:)

  9. I have this Nandini.:)
    This was my first purchase from this range and its a beautiful color.
    looks good on you ,<3

  10. Even colorbar velvet matte lipsticks are very dry and. You have to use lip balm and exfoliate the lips before applying them

  11. Hey I too this lippi, the peachy one and I'm loving it. Got it from Appu's blog sale. Since it looks natural I finally managed to make mum agree to use it for the very 1st time for a marriage. That's the main reason I'm liking it. And yes. It's a dry one. :(

    1. Hi Gayatri.....This is super lipstick if you applied with a lip balm :D


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