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Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara Review

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Hope Everybody is doing good. Today I am going to Review Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara. When I was surfing for goodies in online I have found this Mascara looking attractive. I have Lakme Mascara already, still wanted to give a try in this Blue Heaven Brand. I have included this Mascara on my Cart.

About the Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara :
Affordable makeup products
Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara Review
Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara Lash Defining, Waterproof, & conditioning.
Creamy, waterproof, Flake proof,Clamp Proof Formula, Gives Your Eye Lashes, Length, Body & Fullness.
Will the tapered spiral brush the lashes can be easily separated.

Key Ingredients:
Stearic acid, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Acrylates/Octycrylamide, Copolymer, Alluminium Starch Octenyl Succinate, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin-E, Approved Coloures.

Price - 75 INR
Quantity - 7.5ml
Shell life  -  2 1/2 years
Made in India

My Experience with Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara :
This Golden colour pleasing me so much and I bought this for this attractive pack. Looks like a bulgy Pen. I have applied it on my lashes for testing it's water proof and other features. It gives very nice finish up with my lashes and clamping 90% no. Gives black eye lashes and it looks so fine...
This Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara  does 80% what it say like water proof, creamy, flake proof etc, etc. The colour looks deep and gives fullness to my lashes
I didn't find any creamy texture as it looks kind of dry mascara which I don't like. But for the price this mascara is ok.
I am in love with this golden pack than the mascara...hehehe... This is not much water proof mascara as it they claims. I have used lakme mascara before and loved it a lot. My eye liner and mascara journey started with Lakme only.

Lakme was an affordable makeup brand in India for all desi girls, now a days Lakme increasing their product's price slowly. So, those who thought it is an affordable brand have to open up their mouth by hearing their current price list and have to leave the affordable brand idea. So, I have to search for some other affordable makeup brands. I was in search through online shopping sites. I found this blue heaven makeup brand is seems pretty affordable with all varieties. So, I bought this mascara from this brand to give a try. I would say this is not bad, good for daily use.

My Likes with Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara:
  • Lovely golden and cute Pack
  • Cheap and best
  • Water proof 80%
  • Gives good fullness to the lashes
  • No Flakiness
  • Easily available and made in India

My Dislikes with Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara:
  • It clumps a little though it claims clamp proof
  • Full ingredient list is not there.

My Final verdict Blue Heaven Long Lash Cream Mascara is good product, can be used for local outings and not a perfect one who wants a perfect mascara.

Hope this review will be helpful for you all
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  1. Hi Radha nice review. Normally mascaras dry out within 4-5 months of usage. If you still want to try a better and inexpensive option, try maybelline mascaras. I don't feel like changing them :-)

    1. Thank you Nisha... Soon I will try them :) :)

  2. hi radha.. nice review... its gud for learners but i dont think so such mascaras do any good. i agree with nisha.. u can try maybelline and also lakme lash artist is a good inexpensive option :)

    1. Thank you Supriya...Hi Supriya I have lakme lash Artist it is very old that i can't take could't review...

      Also I am gonna try Maybelline too hehehe...

  3. Nice review Radha :D 75Rs is such a steal.......... Happy day girl :D

    1. Thank you Lancy.... yeah it is great na for Rs 75...
      wish u the same.. :)

  4. Wow, you have beautiful eye lashes, always used to wonder about this product, now i Know :) nice review

    1. Thank you...Coral...This is ok ok product you can give a try no harm...:)

  5. I have Maybelline mascara but that also became dry after some months.
    Is this safe for eyes? I wanted to try one

    1. Yes Aka...It won't irritate eyes well safe...You can give a try...:)

  6. it seems good for 75rs na?nice review

    1. Thank you Preethi.... Ya am always thrilled in giving a try at low cost products... :)

  7. this sounds great.this replace colossal kajal.i am gonna try this

  8. Nice review Nandini,
    I like maybelline ones. but i think i will try it too.:)

  9. hey radha... u have been tagged.. check out

  10. seems really nice.. i am all good for inexpensive mascaras.. cause they dry out soon... this seems good...

  11. Thank you Nimi..this is really good.try this :)


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