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VOV Make Up Kit 9 Eyeshadow + 3 Blushers Review & Swatches

Hello Friends,
I am again coming with a Interesting Review of Beaute VOV Make Up Kit 9 Eyeshadow+ 3 Blushers. It is an interesting Make up kit which I got it from ebay. Ten days ago I have got a mail that They offered me 150Rs discount coupon. Suddenly I got an Idea (What an Idea Sir ji) and took a visit to ebay. My current hunt is all for eye shadows and Blushes. So, clicked eyeshadow and saw the varieties. There I saw this Beaute VOV Make Up Kit 9 Eyeshadow+ 3 Blushers. They have an offer that 299 Rs of this product in discount price as 249 Rs. So I have calculated that I have 150 Rs discount coupon.... 249-150=99+15=114Rs (Shipping charge=15). So immediately ordered and made online payment.

I got it Exactly after one week as they mentioned in their Delivering system....... It came very nicely Packed in Bubble cover........
Best makeup kit

About The Beaute VOV Make Up Kit 9 Eyeshadow+ 3 Blushers:

VOV Make Up Kit - 9 Eye Shadows + 3 Blushers - 615B
Contains 9 eye shadow shades, 3 blushers, Mirror & a Brush
The make-up kit comes in a blue box, which also has a mirror & a double sided brush.

Product High Lights:
9 eye shadows and 3 blushers expertly coordinated to intensify your eye and skin.
Light catching shimmers instantly brighten your eyes
All day wear without fading or creasing.
Gives the right balance between colour and highlight without streaking the skin
The mirror is very good in quality and one can do entire makeup with this mirror.
The blushes are great to work with, they blend quickly.
The colours blend very nicely.
The eye shadows and blushers are very well pigmented and stay for a long time without fading or crease.

Price - 299 Rs
Shell life - [I have searched it with using lens in the pack,but couldn't find it :( ]...If anybody know please let me know)
Quantity - 0.590Z

Talc, Mica, Dimethicone, Petrol Atum, Titanium Dioxide, Methyl Paraben, Prophylparaben.
May Contains: Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Voilete, Iron Blue, Iron Oxide Yellow, Iron Oxide Black, Iron Oxide Red, D&C Red No 27 AL Lake, FD&C Blue 1 Alum Lake, FD&C Red 40 Lake
Same For Both Eyeshadow and Blushes

Now The Swatches:
It is looking Awesome na....
Best makeup kit

The Eye shadows.....

All colours are Awesome and useful :)
The Swatches in My Hand

I don't know why they give pink shades two times looks same as you can see in my hand swatch :(
Some colours looks so light and invisible :(

Now The Blushers
All Three is looking cool shades...But the 1st one from bottom shade I have never tried ????

The Swatches:
The 1st two from the Top looks nice...The last one is little subtle....

 My Likes with Beaute VOV Make Up Kit 9 Eyeshadow+ 3 Blushers
  • It has 9 variety of Eye shadows and 3 Blushes
  • Very affordable price.
  • Very easy to carry with us as it is tight closed box.
  • Gives super pigmentation.
  • Staying power is very good
  • Blushes are just awesome also Eye shadows.
My Dislikes with Beaute VOV Make Up Kit 9 Eyeshadow+ 3 Blushers:
  • Parabens and Titanium Dioxide are the drawbacks in the Ingredient list.
  • No shell life mentioned as i have sent a enquiry about it to the seller.
  • Little difficult to open the Box.
  • Some Eye shadows are very subtle and poor colour.

My Final Verdict is It is an Awesome Make up Kit which contains lot of Eyeshadow and few blushers for those who wants all in one and useful for beginners like me :) :)

Hope You all enjoyed this Review and useful.
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  1. Wow...blushers r so tempting...
    Loved everything...

  2. Wow...blushers r so tempting...
    Loved everything...

  3. blushers are nice :) do post a FOTD

  4. That's a steal! :) I want this!!!!!!! :D

    1. Ya It's steal almost...they have limited stock only get it from ebay hurry lol...

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Toa...yeah it is cheap and some eyeshadows are not good...but over all it is better product :)

  6. I think it's a bronzer at the bottom. Anyways thanks for the review. The eyeshadows are really bright for day wear. I think it's good for festive eye makeup. By the way have you become expert in eye makeup? No makeup look posts are coming up?

    1.'s not mentioned in the Box Nisha....Thank you... :)
      Yeah u r correct it is good for festive season...
      No I am a newbee in makeup and also I am not a daily make up wear I am staying in Home :)
      For Make up look posts I have to practice more Nisha....

  7. Nice palette dear!!
    All the colors are pretty and pigmented.:)
    I like dark shades!

    1. Thank you Neisha....
      Yeah Really nice na...
      Glad that you liked it..... :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Ramya...I am glad that u liked it :)


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