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Anna Andre Extremes Elegance Parfait Eyeliner Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review Anna Andre Extremes Elegance Parfait Eyeliner Pencil. I have never used Pencil as my Eyeliner. I found Liquid eyeliners more comfortable one, and because I never tried those Pencils. After Started Blogging I have seen so many beauties using Pencil eyeliner and they are looking Awesome. So, I have got inspired and wanted to try out the Pencil Eyeliner. So bought this Anna Andre Eyeliner pencil. Let's see about the product.

About The Product:
Affordable eye pencils
Anna Andre Extremes Elegance Parfait Eyeliner Review
Anna Andre Paris Extreme Elegance Parafait Eyeliner A Quality Product of Beaute Boutique Your Beauty care Store

Price : 130 INR
Shell life: 3 years
There no more details or ingredients mentioned in the Pencil :(

Extreme Elegance Parfait Eye Liner comes with a built in cap sharpener. The texture is smooth and it provides a rich, deep black color. Can be used to create a soft smoky effect or distinct sharp lines. Easy to use and convenient to carry the purse version.

My Experience with Anna Andre Extremes Elegance Parfait Eyeliner :
It is a very Lengthy Pencil and looks attractive. I was so excited to try this on my Eyes. It has Sharpener in it's Top lid and easily we can sharp the pencil.

I have applied this on my water line first...OMG it is not at all showing. I have swiped again and again, no use. Got hurted by the sharp tip :(. Because I am new to these pencils and always I am using Kajals. They are very smooth to use. This I don't like it simply and I have tried it on my upper eye line....Wow!!! works well...The kajal pencil gives great line and looks beautiful. My money saved Thanks God!!!! I got this pencil form big bazaar shop, they have all Anne Andre makeup products collections.

Also I have tried it on my Eyebrows and gives Awesome finish Friends!!!!. The swatch on my hand is a single swipe. No irritation no allergy so it is safe on Eyes. So I have decided to use this kajal pencil for eyebrow correction and upper eye line purposes. This will work great and you can't draw eye line in the water line area by using this eye pencil.

What I liked with Anna Andre Extremes Elegance Parfait Eyeliner :
  • Working well as an Eyeliner.
  • No irritation
  • Gives Super finish
  • Can be used on Eyebrows too.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Stays for long time without smudge
What I don't like with Anna Andre Extremes Elegance Parfait Eyeliner :
  • No use when it comes for water line application.
  • In oily lids it may smudge after some time.
  • No details about the product.

My Final Verdict about Anna Andre Extremes Elegance Parfait Eyeliner: 
It is a eye pencil for who wants a Pencil eyeliner and who are expert in applying Eyeliner pencil should try this pencil.....Can be used as Eyebrow Pencil also, but not for water line kajal application purpose. It is best eye pencil for its price.

Hope this Review will be useful for everyone
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  1. very nice review radha...never heard abt this brand..

    1. Thank you Pree...Even me never heard just saw in the Urbantouch....

  2. Really nice review...seems like a nice product... :)

  3. It sounds like a good product. I use pencil eye liner a lot.

    1. Thank you Demi...Just now i have started to use :)

  4. is the product available in chennai?nice product nandhini:)

    1. I dnt know Ramya...I got it from urban touch online store

    2. Thanks dear.I am going to order it.Lets give a try.

  5. Nice review...i have not seen this on urban touch maybe I will check again...:)

    1. Thank you is there u check again dear

  6. Nice review dear.. i have seen it on yesterday!!
    <3 will try it.

    1. Thank you dear do try it u can use it very well as u r expert in eye make up :)

  7. Hey Radha!
    never seen dis pencil here but nice review.

    Joined ur blog :)

  8. Nice blog hun. Maybe follow each other?
    Let me know what you think.

    1. Hi Tooth Sure I will visit ur Blog...dear... :)


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