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Young Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Makeup Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review Young Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D. I have just received this Foundation yesterday from Urban Touch Online Shopping. I have tried so many Foundations for my Oily skin. So, this time I havr selected this Foundation as It is made up of Natural Ingredients. This Foundation has something different Name 'Young Discover Youthopia" . Also I have applied on my face yesterday night itself to test whether it will suits for my skin or not.

About The Product Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D:
Best makeup foundations for oily skin
Young Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up Review

The Company Says....
Certified Organic Clarified Butter (Cow Ghee) And Kokum Butter (Garcinia Indica) rejunevate Your Skin, as pure mineral Colors blend with your Skin for a Lustrous Luminous Complexion to give you That Flawless Look.

Young Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarrified Butter Make-up
Net Weight 5 gm
Price 125 INR
Shell Life 3 Years


My Experience With Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D :
I was waiting to apply and test this Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D. So, after settling every things I took this Foundation 1st and did a patch test on my ear side. After One hour i didn't notice any Irritation or itching Etc. So, with full confident I have applied it on my Face.

I have to tell about the size of the pack. Yes, It is so tiny smaller than a Lip Balm pack lols. because It is just 5 gm na... You can see in the picture How small it is. Very easy to put this Foundation in my Purse. The Smell!!! Wow, I just love the smell of this Foundation. It is like a very sweet smell can't explain just. I am always fond of sweet smell.

The Texture of the foundation is little hard, that didn't easily melt in hot condition. The shade is very neutral I think, It just matched with my dusky skin.

You can see the Texture of the Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D and how it is blends in my hand. It gave immediate glow to the Face. Working well with my Oily Skin. Blends Easily and looks very natural. I think no need of Moisture before apply this Foundation, because It gives enough moisture and matte finish both. Have to cover with Compact Powder, otherwise Oily skin people may feel too much shine on their face if they are in hot and sweat condition. If you are in a airconditioned room it will give amazing fresh look, I am sure.

What I like in Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D :
  • Simple Natural Ingredients.
  • Sweet smell.
  • Immediate glow
  • Blending well
  • Suits for my skin well
  • Very travel friendly.
  • Suits even for Oily skin, I think it will work well with all skin Type.
  • Giving Good Moisture.
  • Make Face Bright.
  • Little amount is Enough
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • No Breakouts lol
What I don't like with Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D :
  • I think they didn't mentioned full Ingredient list
  • May be need Compact Coverage often If we are in hot weather
  • Dry skin people may need mix it with water or moisturizing cream to blend well
  • Though the pack is travel friendly taking the cream from the tub is little difficult, like digging inside the tub always to take the cream.

My Final Verdict is Discover Youthopia Foundation Clarified Butter Make-Up-1D is a Great Foundation with natural ingredients for natural lovers. All of you can try once.....

Hope this Review will be useful for you
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  1. good review, that's what i was afraid of that it won't stay matte in humid conditions, thank you for your honest opinion

    1. Hi Coral Welcome to my Blog...
      Thank you for your value comment :)

  2. Great !!! I have oily skin so this is a must try one for me.:)
    Nice review Nandini <3

  3. Hope you will like this Foundation Niesha...Thank you...It has a very sweet smell awww :)

  4. Nice review....will surely try this sumtym....
    U have a lovely blog.... :)

    1. Thank you and welcome to my Blog Neha...This is very nice Foundation....You can try once dear....

  5. Hey I too have combination skin which tends to be oily after some time of applying makeup. I have to use primer for my makeup to look fresh and stay put. I should try this foundation to see how it works since I dont trust the effect of primer on my skin. Thanks a lot Radha!

    1. Nisha This is too gud one...U can try this...3 shades are there...:)

  6. Thank you so much for the head up Radha. Shall check this one out for sure now :P

  7. I have a fair skin can you suggest the shade number please

  8. Hi I have a fair tone can you suggest a good shade number for me please


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