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Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Review

Hello Friends,
Hope you all are doing great. Today I am going to Review Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm. I am Herbal products lover always, so when I was shopping Vaadi Herbals Foot cream I have added this Lip Balm too. This Strawberry flavour and looks cute. I have some Lip Balm already in my kitty, still feeling to buy...hahaha...

About the Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm:
Best herbal lip balms
Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Review
Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Moisturises Dry & Cracked Lips Strawberry Flavor

Key Ingredients 
Strawberry Extract, Vit-E, Honey, Almond Oil
Shell life - 3 year
Price - 30 INR
Quantity - 10g

My Experience with Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm:
I was so eagar to taste this Strawberry Flavour Lip Balm, hahahaa.... I am using it daily in the morning and whenever I want to apply I will apply it. It smells like heaven and feeling like to eat Strawberry ice cream whenever I apply. The smell stays for some time. Lips getting immediate super shine and glitter. I am using it daily in the morning and whenever I want to apply I will apply it.

There is no need to afraid for chemicals intake through lip balm by using this herbal lip balm, so I am applying this lip balm often to keep my lips soft and hydrated.
The Lip Balm Pack is so cute and tiny....I love tiny things always....
The Lip Balm Looks in strawberry colour and smells in the same way...tempting to eat...This is so creamy and need to spread evenly on lips by fingers. Gives good moisture to my Lips.
It looks like this in the picture, SO creamy like a strawberry jelly.
The lip balms are always in need for all of us to keep our lips hydrated and moisturized. Apply butter often to make your badly cracked lips to soft and smooth. I use this method during winter and I never feel dry on my lips. Apply and massage honey on your lips to get rid of your lip pigmentation naturally. Coconut oil also helps very much in his case. Keep your lips happy and smile...

What I like with Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm:
  • It is cute and travel friendly pack
  • Very cheap when compared to other Lip Balms
  • Gives ultimate shine and moisture to my Lips
  • Smells very very good and tasty
  • Key Ingredients are natural one and good
  • It is not harming my lips.
  • I am using this Balm to make my pinky lipsticks slightly red shade.
What I don't like Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm:
  • Putting fingers and digging for the Balm...i am not feeling good in this criteria
  • Have to apply well as it takes some more time to spread evenly on lips
  • Staying power very poor...(compare to price i should't expect)

My Final Verdict Just go for this Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm for Fun in the Home......and useful for winters to keep lips moisturized well often.....

Hope this Review will be helpful for all of you....
Please share your comments....
Take care will meet you with another good Review...........


  1. Ive used this too...just love the smell....
    Really nice review.... :)

  2. Hi nice post Radha. I think Himalaya Lip Butter is the best which comes in jar form

  3. very nice review n would try this balm too ryt now i m enjoying my baby lips in mango flavour

    1. ohhhh....I will try that too soon welcome to my blog Anu

  4. 30rs?
    hey.. does it give a tint on lips ?

    1. Yeah Apoorva...Tint for some time only...Vaadi has good collections and effective too..

  5. gr8 review doll.. will surely try it out :D
    xoxo <3

    1. Hi welcome to my blog Shanaya...Thank you...This is nice Lip Balm...

  6. I too avoid having lip balms in tub but if it good then I can compromise...hehe
    Does it give color on lips?

    1. Yeah for the price the Quality is sooooooo gud Aka...
      You try once na...It gives colour yeah not like Maybelline Lip Balm....

    2. So sweet they have mango flavor too

  7. hi gal, following u too....i don't knw why I didn't saw ur blog till noow, amzing review...keep up the gud work.

    1. Thank you Smita...Welcome to my Blog Girl...:) :)

  8. Nice review Nandini, Sorry for late response since had a minor accident way back from the mall and lost my goodies that i bought along with my wallet which had all my cards.. horrible experience. but hopefully i am fine now.:)

    1. OMG That's so sad...I am really feelong so sad Niesha...will pray to God that you will get back everything you lost...

    2. Thanks my dear.. i am fine now.:) :)
      Take care !!!


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