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Oriflame VERYME Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to share the review of Oriflame Veryme Peach me Perfect Skin Glow. It is a tinted Moisturizer. I got this product wrongly, means It is not for me. Yes, I never need a Moisture for my face as my face producing more oil, yes I have super oily skin. Ya If I put foundation cream even mineral type one, after sometime it will become shiny and all compact will washed out by oiliness from my face. so, this one I never need and the Oriflame consultant gave me this by telling it will suits for me, even after I told my skin is super oily. I was not aware of this cream and bought from her. Let us see the review in detail...

About The product:
Tinted moisturizers
Oriflame VERYME Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Review

This Product can be used as a primer before starting make up. It will help us to spread foundation cream equally. It has glitter particles makes our face glow more.
Price - 249 INR
Quantity  -  30ml
Shell life  -  3 years

My Experience With this Oriflame Veryme Peach me Skin Cream:
This Oriflame VERYME Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow comes in a shiny black tube with orange colour screw open lid. This is pretty compact and travel friendly.

The Texture and Smell:
The texture of this tinted moisturizer is very runny liquid and smells very strong. I don't like the smell and the texture too. You may end up wasting so much cream while you try to take out this product.

My Take:
I was little curious to use this cream and I have opened this tube. The tube top became messy and some liquid gone waste.

So, I can't say it is travel friendly pack. It comes in three shades and I got Beige shade as I am a dusky skin person. But, this shade totally didn't suits me and makes me the heroine of SCARY movies. You can see the liquid from the tube looks in rose colour. I think for Indian Dusky skin people most of the Oriflame foundations won't suits. My hubby told don't apply it lol, you look like a ghost. Also I got breakouts as bonus credits. I have decided for foundations and for any face makeup I won't turn back my head to Oriflame.

My likes with this Oriflame Product:
  • May be this will workout for dry and fair skin people.
  • Good primer.
My Dislikes with this Oriflame product:
  • Totally messy pack.
  • Not for dusky medium complexion skin.
  • Oily skin people please stay away.
  • Contains Alcohol and paraben.
  • Limited shades.
  • Clogging pores and my face got pimples on the very the next day.
  • Available through only by Oriflame consultants.
  • A worst tinted moisturizer.
My final verdict about Oriflame VERYME Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow:
This product is not for Indian skin tone, may be suits for Fair and Dry skin people and their dark shades only will suits for us, This product fails to impress me.

Hope this Review will be helpful for you all...
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  1. Same pinch Nandini. I have done this review too.:)
    i love this product.!!

    1. You are fair girl na so this cream will workout for you..sure dear :) :)

  2. Hey I was planning to buy this one for primer purpose. But if it makes the skin oily, then, hmmm....I will skip this and get the L'oreal White magic Base though it's pricey!


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