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New Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely for Sensitive Skin Review

Hello Friends,
I am going to Review New Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely for Sensitive Skin. I am using Fair&Lovely since from my school life. All South Indian dusky girls will have a sweet experience with this Fair&Lovely Fairness cream. I am also one of the South Indian dusky girl who wants to get Fair always. So, this Fairness cream is my very favourite and still am using it. Well, we can say it a desi skin care brand, all Indian girls should experienced with this fairness cream at least once. Ok, let us see the Review in detail...

About the Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely Fairness cream:

Fairness creams
New Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely for Sensitive Skin Review

Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely contains Kumkumadi Tailam an ancient fairness recipe.
Each 100gms of Ayuvedic Fair&Lovely contains
Lodhra Extract - 130mg
Manjistha Extract - 300mg
Kumkumadi Tailam - 100mg
Jast Bhasma - 100mg
Non greasy base qs

Clinically proven for all skin types, contains no bleach or harmful effects.
Price - 46 INR
Quantity - 25g
Shell life - 2 years

My Experience with Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely Fairness Cream:
The New Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely for Sensitive Skin comes in a default fair&lovely tube with screw open small lid.

My Take:
I am very much familiar with This Fair&Lovely cream for a long time. But, when I came to realise that my skin is very sensitive, I have decided to switch over to Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely one. This has comes in as usual old pack but, light orange colour. The cream is also same very light orange colour but, the same texture as like the old one.

This cream smells something different. But, I don't like smell, as it is not pleasant. May be some herbal kind of smell. Gives nice mate finish after application and brightens the skin up to some time. For me it makes me little greasy after some time if I am not covering it by compact powder, may be because of my oily skin. This is very good Fairness cream those who stays inside the home. I can not say it can make fair skin. It can brighten the skin up to some extent and keep skin fresh.

But, if you stop using this New Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely for Sensitive Skin your skin will return back to old dull form and also may cause pimples too. 

My likes with this Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely Fairness cream:
  • Nice and hygienic pack can carry with you where ever you go.
  • Gives immediate brightness after applying the cream.
  • Herbal based one which is good for Sensitive skin.
  • Helps to lighten the pimple marks by regular use.
  • No breakouts for me yet because of this cream.
  • Don't make skin oily.
  • Pretty cheap when compared with other fairness creams.
  • Can be used as a base cream for make up during evening programs.
My Dislikes with Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely Fairness Cream:
  • I don't like the smell totally.
  • Never makes anyone's skin fair (I know the birth colour cannot be changeable)
  • If I stop using this cream my face brightness will go away.
  • No SPF.
My Final verdict is, it is a good day cream for those who stays inside the home, those who have sensitive skin wants to try some fairness creams can do try this New Ayurvedic Fair&Lovely for Sensitive Skin...

Hope this Review will be helpful to you all
Please share your comments below...
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  1. I have tries this but unfortunately it did not suit my oily skin .:)

    1. Mine is also Oily skin..ya it will make lil oily if not covered by compact...

  2. this doesn't suit me as i have oily skin too.


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