Friday, September 21, 2012

My Great Online Shopping With Urban Touch

Hello Friends,
Hope All of You doing Good. I am going to share my Second Online Experience With Urban Touch. This is a little Big Shopping, Because I was just like arrested by my Skin Infection on face for Three Months. I couldn't use any products and Cosmetics. I felt very bad to be like this for Three months. Imagine just I was using Acne medicine during the Nights and Morning also. Now after My Derma Dr told that Your problem reduced and you can proceed your routine. I was like flying on the Sky. After that I have ordered A to Z products from Urban Touch.

As Already i have experience with Urban Touch Online Shopping, have purchased some herbal hand made Soaps and Under Eye cream for my Mom. This time I have ordered Eighteen products.

They are usually Deliver the products Quickly. 1st time I got the Products within Two days. This time I got Delivered after 4 days. Anyway Urban touch is little quick in delivering products.

Their package is very nice and reusable, It is black and thick Box which I love it a lot.

This is that Block Box......

They have nice package of little little things like this......

Now My Shopping list Follows....
1. Vaddi Herbals Divine Sandal Soap with Saffron and Turmeric.

2. Vaddi Herbals Foot Cream

3. Kadhi HerbalsFace Wash Sandalwood & Honey

4. Kadhi Herbals Shampoo Honey and Almond Oil

5. Kadhi Herbals Conditioner Orange lemongrass

6. Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel

7. Viviana Pressed Powder Tusk

8. VLCC Natural Sciences Kajal

9. Vaddi Herbals Lip Palm Strawberry

10. Elle-18 Eye Sparklers Green Grenade

11. Lotus Herbals Skin Whitening & Brightening Micro Emulsion SPF 25

12. Miners Jewel Face Palette

13. VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Tightening Wheat Night Cream

14. Young Discover Youthopia Foundation with Clarified butter makeup-1D

15. Blue Heaven land Lash Cream Mascara

16. Jordana Lip liner Terracotta 17

17. Faces Foundation Cosmetic Brush Kit

18. Faces Co-Chic lipstick Sparkling Wine 412

Soon I will Come up with the Reviews of these Products...Vaddi Herbals Foot Cream was already reviewed by me.

There is another Haul by from this same site 
This is My November month Haul as usual with Urbantouch, because of their sincere delivery on time, and that Lovely Black Box Etc, etc.My Lovely Black Box....... The Perfect Package and all products reaching me on time and same time
The unpacked Products
Online shopping
My Great Online Shopping With Urban Touch 
Vaadi Under Eye Cream, Vaadi Lavender n Rosemary Cleansing Cream and lavender n Rosemary Face pack
Colorlife Nail colour Remover
Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel
Blue Heaven Lip Glass
Elle 18 Lipsticks
Kronokare Body Lotion - Provencal Lavender
Fab India Lavender Alcohol Free Toner

I love shopping with them again and again. The products are always sent by them are neatly packed and good in condition. I have found so many good skin and hair care products with them. I have found good makeup products too in their website.

Hope You all enjoyed reading My Online shopping Experience and may be tempted to shop...hahahaha.....
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  1. Wow that's so huge man! But I am upset to see that you bought VLCC Kajal, it's nothing! It doesn't give you any color at all. You should have ordered Lotus, biotique or Himalaya Kajal. Anyways that's ok. Better luck next time. Please tell me how are Khadi and Miners products. ok?

    1. hehehe this is the result of three month thirsty yaarrr...
      I have Himalaya and Lotus already...It's ok I will try better one next time Nisha...
      Sure I am also eagar to review them Lol...

  2. wow.... rasa thats quite a huge haul yaar.... m jealous now and right i am also tempted in lot of shopping by seeing all this... pls review Young Discover Youthopia Foundation with Clarified butter makeup-1D, Miners Jewel Face Palette, Elle-18 Eye Sparklers Green Grenade and Viviana Pressed Powder Tusk for me... :)

    1. Hahaha..That's natural na...I will do reviews soon...sure dear...:)

  3. wow that's an amazing haul, i just blog hopped from indianbeautyforever's to your page and I really enjoy your reviews, am totally going to follow you now :)

    1. Thank you so much Coral...
      I am glad that you liked my haul... :)

    2. Thanks Coral for hopping from my page to here.:)

  4. Wow, huge haul dear.
    I want to see the miner palette swatches. plz review them soon na.
    and we share some of the same products.<3


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