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Elle 18 Eye Sparklers (Green Shade) Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review about Elle 18 Eye Sparklers Eye colour Pencil. This product has variety range of colours, I have bought Green shade from their collections. This is my First colour eye pencil one. I have never used eye pencil other than Black. So, I just wanted to give a try and this pencil is seems affordable in price. I got it through online shopping. Let us see the review in detail...

About the Elle 18 Eye Sparklers:
Affordable eye pencils
Elle 18 Eye Sparklers (Green Shade) Review
This Product Elle18 Eye Sparklers is comes with various shades with goodness of Almond Oil.
Price -  85 INR
Shell life - 2 years
Quantity - 1.5g
Available in all shops easily

My Experience with Elle18 Eye Sparklers:
This Elle 18 Eye Sparklers comes in a small pencil like package and it has scroll open type pencil, which is very easy to handle. There will not be any wastage of this pencil. Anyways I found the package is quite flimsy as the cap is not so strong enough.

The only good part with this Elle 18 Eye Sparklers is the pencil has creamy texture which is easy to apply and not tugging or pulling the eyes while applying.
I was so excited to use this Eye Pencil as am new to colour eye Pencils. I have opened and applied on my eyes. OMG it makes me cry, yes it irritates my eyes like hell and can't take a picture for ETOD. My eyes became red. This is the very worst Eye pencil in my life I bought, My 1st colour eye pencil experience became horrible. The colour also looks very local, and you can remove by just one swipe. very easy na... I am going to use it for painting purpose. (huhhh).
The shade looks on my hand is different in real. I hate this and soon find a good one. I love green eye pencils and though this one not suitable for eye line, I think this can be used as a eye makeup base, if not irritated my eye lids.

Well I bought this with great expectations and now this eye pencil disappointed me to the hell. Next to Lakme I consider Elle 18 is the best affordable brand for makeup. This brand has good collection of makeup and especially they have great nail paints and lipsticks. I am yet to try them. But this eye sparkler became dud and I am now feeling hesitation to buy Elle 18 poducts.

What I like With Elle 18 Eye Sparklers:
  • Very cheap
  • Looks awesome
  • Awesome shades collections.
  • Easily available.
  • Creamy texture.
What I don't like with Elle18 Eye Sparklers:
  • Poor stay power (you can remove it by one slight swipe).
  • Irritates eyes like hell.
  • Colour also not that much intense.

My Final Verdict is I won't Recommend this product to Anyone. They should Improve the Quality of the Product, It is a totally dud product.

Hope this Review will be helpful for you all
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Take care I will meet you with another good Review.....


  1. Hi Radha, sorry to hear about your bad experience. But I think that you can still use them on upper lashline or on your eyelids as eyeshadow. May that's what it's meant for. I never use colored liners on my waterline so never felt irritation. Don't go by price, firs read the reviews done by people who have already tried them and then only buy!

    1. Yeah Nisha I always go with reviews only...this I have bought just like that...I don't want to use this anymore Nisha...As it is easily vanish

  2. Hey Radha...
    I used this.. One thing which I hated about this product is that, the big tip.. u need to sharp it else.. you gonna use it like an eye shadow..

    1. ok I will try that soon...Nisha too tols like that hmmm :)

  3. hey will stay away from this or may be just use it as a eye shadow :)

  4. thanx Nandini for the review...I was planning to buy one.
    But do they irritate eye lids also?

    1. No It is not irritating Eyelids Aka...Only Waterline...
      Can be used as Eye shadow...

  5. hi..i have tried this one and i too feel the same..but i didnt get any irritation
    nice review..following you check out my blog

    1. Hi Welcome to my blog Iswarya and thank you :)
      sure checking now...

  6. Color looks good Nandini, but its a waste if it does not stays well.
    I like faces eye pencils, you can try them :)

    1. Ya Niesha Staying power worst...I will Try Faces Eye Pencils then..Thank you dear...

  7. Sad that you had a not-so-good experience with this product :( I ll pass on this


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