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Beauty Tips For BRIDES

Hello Friends,
Today I am Planning to Share Great and Simple Beauty Tips For Brides Who is going to getting married soon. A Bride who is an Angel in the Marriage Hall, She will be very beautiful and charming. Every Girl who is going to Marry soon, will have a strong desire to have a flawless skin, bright complexion which should co-operate for her makeup on that day. Apart from Beauty Saloon treatments Bride can take some Beauty Treatments themselves in the Home.
Beauty care for brides
Beauty Tips For BRIDES

Here Goes The Beauty Tips For Brides:
1. This Tip For Dry Skin:
Take unsalted Butter and mix it with Powdered Sugar and Milk Cream. Beat the Mixture well and apply it all over the face, Neck, Hands and Feet. After 15 minutes wash it using Green Gram Dhal Powder. Do it Regularly. This Home Remedy Results gives a Shine like a Mirror.

2. This Tips For All Skin Types:
For Face Glow:
Take the following things in a big Bowl, Two Almonds (make it powder), Some Rose Petals (Organic Rose Petal), A pinch of Kasturi Turmeric (Available in Ayurvedic Stores), One Teaspoon Besan flour, Few Drops Honey, Egg White or Milk. Beat them well and lay down relax and apply this pack all over the face and Neck. After 10 minutes massage the pack with Tomato Juice, then use Moong Dhal flour and wash it off. Do this method weekly once or twice for brighten up your face in a natural way. Your Dead cells will be removed by this method efficiently.
Buy Some Organic Panner Roses and soak them in water for full night. The next day drain the water and add Mineral water to the petals and boil them. Leave the water cool and keep it in Fridge. When ever you wash your face wash your face with this Rose water in the last wash. Will helps to close pores and make your skin glow.

For Eyes Glow And remove The Dark Circles
Buy Lotus Flower and Soak them in the water for full night. Next day take the water and add it with Cucumber and grind it well. take a cotton and soak it with raw milk and clean your face with this cotton. Use this mixture as your Eye pack and lay down and relax for 15 minutes. Later wash your face by your face wash. Doing this weekly twice or thrice will make your Eyes brightens and you will attract all the guest just by your eyes on the marriage day.

For Hair Care:
Take pure Almond Oil and heat it slightly. Massage your hair by the oil by dividing your hair for so many sections to spread the oil all over the head. One cup curd+ One teaspoon Henna Powder+ One Teaspoon Amla Powder+ Two drops Lemon juice+ Hibiscus Powder Two teaspoon add all these Ingredients and make a pack for your hair. After 20 minutes wash your hair by a mild Herbal Shampoo. You will feel the difference in your hair becomes soft and wavy after First wash itself.

Take A SPA Bath In Home:

Do a Spa bath in your home itself. Mix Almond Oil+ Olive Oil+ Sesame Oil+ Coconut Oil, (All oil in Equal Quantity). Now massage all over the body by this Oil mixture well. Take some Bistha and grind it as a scrub powder and mix it with Honey. Take Akrut and grind this like scrub mix it with milk cream. Mix 2 pinch of kasturi Turmeric in curd and add the Honey+ Pistha mixture with it. Apply this mixture all over the body. Take The Akrut mixture and scrub on Knees of Hands and Legs, full back portion well.

Now make a Powder by using the following Ingredients. One Teaspoon Besan Powder+ One Teaspoon Sandal Powder+ One Pinch Turmeric Powder+ One pinch Normal Turmeric+ half teaspoon Neem Powder+ Half teaspoon Almond Powder. Add all Ingredients with milk and mix well. leave the mixture for One Hour. After One Hour Apply this mixture all over the body and scrub well wash it off by tap water.

Really this bath will give you a great refresh and soft and smooth, glowing skin all over the body.

Friends This is not only for Brides Those who wants always beautiful also do this on Home to be beautiful always....

Hope this Post will Help All Girls and Brides....
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  1. wow rasa... quite a detailed beauty post.. loved ur tips :)

  2. nice tips to follow. you are an expert when it comes to these beauty articles .:)

    1. Thank you dear Niesha...But U too giving Beauty tips really nice na.... :)

  3. I missed this post before my marriage! Anyways I hope these tips are doing good to the young brides reading these :-) Nice work Radha!

    1. So what,We can follow these tips for maintain our Beauty na???
      Waht you say Nisha

    2. ohh thanks a lot..
      when i will be a bride i will keep them in mind .:) "SHY"
      <3 <3

    3. Heyyy..Niesha I am sure You will be like Angel on that day dear...

  4. wow, these are the best tips and they are such fresh ideas, totally going to try these out, can you do a post for under eye circles and puffiness when you get time :)

    1. Thank you Coral...I have already done about dark Under eye circle coral...
      Here is the link

  5. WOW great tips dear !! me going to try out ^_^

  6. Thank you..its very informative


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