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BANJARA'S Rose Water (Facial Freshner) Review

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to Review Banjara's Rose Water. Everybody knows well that Rose water is very good for our Skin. It is used as Toner, Face freshener and can mix with Home made DIY recipes to ensure the results. Rose water can make your skin glow and clear by regular application. I was using a local brand Rose water, and then decided to switch over with a branded Rose water. I have used several products from Banjara's range. Because, it is Herbal formulated one. So, I have chosen the Rose water from Banjara's brand. Let us see the Review in detail...

About the Banjara's Rose Water:
Rose water
BANJARA'S Rose Water (Facial Freshner) Review
Shell life - 3 years
Price - 65 INR
Net weight - 300 ml

Rose Water facial freshener is a soothing and Refreshing Beautifier which not only hydrates your skin by giving the right moisture balance but also acts as:

Aqua, Stabilizer, Rose Oil and rose extracts.

Firms and tones the facial skin and makes your face feel fresh, smooth and hydrated.

Works as a natural cleanser by cleansing away the dirt unveiling a fresh glowing skin.

Processes natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties which helps in treating acne and skin infections.

Can also be used as an addition to facial creams and face packs.

My Experience with this Banjara's Rose Water:
It comes in a lovely Rose colour pack. We have to pierce a hole on the bottle tip.

I am using this Rose water several times a day. After took bath I use this Rose water to tone up my face using cotton. I will keep it in fridge always. Then, whenever i wash my face i will use this after wash. When I finish Cook my face will become Oil factory. So, I will just wash my face and apply Rose water, My face will become so fresh. It soothes My sun burns when I came back from Sunny mid day. It has very mild rose fragrance make me feel divine, yeah. This Rose water helps me in refreshing my eyes. But, It has no part in acne controls.

Totally I am fully surrendered to Banjara's Rose water. I bought this because of this simple ingredient list. This never cause any skin irritation on me.

My Likes in this Banjara's Rose water:
  • This comes cute rose colour sturdy pack.
  • This Rose water has divine mild smell.
  • Clear solution easy to spread on face by cotten.
  • It never breaks me and never irritates my skin.
  • Easy to use in multiple task.
  • Refresh my skin quickly.
  • Never makes my face Oily.
My Dislikes in Banjara's Rose water:
  • Not Travel friendly as it may spill around from the bottle.
My Final Verdict about BANJARA'S Rose Water (Facial Freshner):
I will reccomend this for every women to refresh and tone up their face in a right way. It is a simple natural rose water for your skin care routine.

Hope this review will be helpful for you all...
Please share your opinion....
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  1. hey rasa... me too love rose water like any thing... i am currently using the fab india one... i ll definitely check out banjar once i am done with it.. :)

    1. Thank you Supriya..
      How are you doing? :)

    2. i am good rasa... today was a hectic day at ofc... we also had a blood donation camp bt i cud nt donate as i am low on hemoglobin... :(

    3. You low in Hemoclobin...Supriya have Fig fruit daily morning and evening within one month you will improve your Hemoglobin...alos dates helps.
      Take care dear.

    4. Thats right Nandini, Dates helps a lot as they have high iron content.
      I have heard about banjara products but have not used them yet may be i will start with their rose water first :) :)


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