Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are You Going To Buy HIGH HEEL SHOES???

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                  Today I am going to tell about HIGH HEEL SHOES Advantages and Dis advantages. So many girls Prefers High Heels Shoes, Because it will shows them little height than normal. It gives a stylish and highfy look also. This High Heel Shoes suits well with modern dresses. So, most of the girls will prefer this High Heel Shoes. I am not exceptional from this High Heel Fever, Even though i am enough height. I was wearing High Heels before my pregnancy periods. Now, I have completely stopped using High Heels.

Now I am Going Share How To Use The High Heel Shoes properly:

Most of the Girls who is using High Hells will have Sprain and Pain in their Feet. They may experience unusual Heel pain like Nuroma. There may be a chance for paining in Bones of legs and nerves those who is wearing High heels for long time.

 To Avoid These Conditions We can follow These Ideas:

Choose Shoes with low Heels and opt size for you, because the Heels which very high can cause more problems. Better time to buy Shoes is Night.
Make sure that the High Heels inside material is made up of Rubber, which is safety while walking. 
Don't buy if the Heel's covers and lining parts made up of artificial vinyl parts. Make sure that your Shoes have open gaps in it's design.  
The Shoes should fit for your Feets well.
Don't wear it for long time, Health is important than Beauty.
Hope this Tips will be Helpful for you all

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  1. I use very high heels but i choose wedges or platforms since they put less pressure on the back. nice post !!

    1. Thank you Niesha...I am happy that you like this post.. :)


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