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Vedic Line Papaya Face Cream Review - To Promote Fairness & Blemish Free Skin

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Today I am going to share my experience with Vedic line Papaya face cream. While I was surfing herbal products online found this newly introduced soothing face cream suitable for all skin types and decided to give it a try! I was in search for a good herbal face cream, also I am fond of using herbal products for my skin and hair care more. I got this from Let's see the Review in detail...

About The Product:
Papaya face cream
Vedic Line Papaya Face Cream Review - To Promote Fairness & Blemish Free Skin 
Price        210 Rs for 100 ml
Shelf life 36 months
AAvailable at online beauty shops.

Product Description:


My Experience with Vedicline Papaya Face Cream:
This cream comes in an orange colour tub which reminds me papaya. This package is a round sturdy tub with screw open top lid. It is travel friendly, but not user friendly.

Colour, Smell and Texture:
The cream is white in colour and the texture of the cream is very smooth, light. This cream gets easily absorbed in the skin. The fragrance of the cream is kind of herbal which is bit strong, but fades away after applying.

My Take:
This face cream has a nice staying power! This cream doesn’t make my skin look oily, doesn’t give any breakouts on my sensitive skin. I am in love with this cream because it is doing what it claims! My skin sometimes acts weird with new creams, but this cream left my skin soft & smooth to touch. The cream works well for people with dry to combination skin/ sensitive skin. I started using this during rainy time.

I have used this cream on my hands first, because my skin will react for every product with breakouts :(. So, I started to apply it on my hands for 3 days. Wow!!! Amazing me never ever see a cream like this that moisturise well, gives a sealed production and my hands are glowing :). Then finally I applied it on my face too, same result I have decided to use it as my night cream. ya, this cream removed a little tan from my hands, because my hands are tanned very much. I felt this moisturize too much for day time for my oily skin. A small amount of cream is enough to use each time.

My Likes with Vedicline Papaya Face Cream:
  • It is a natural product
  • This face cream can be used as hand cream too to remove your latest tan.
  • This cream moisturize very well.
  • Best suitable for dry to normal skin.
  • Has natural ingredients.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Small amount is enough for each use.
  • Easily absorbs on the skin.

My Dislikes with Vedicline Papaya Face Cream:
  • It comes in a tub so one has to sanitize their hands before using this.
  • Doesn't have SPF!
  • It contains parabens (so many products contains paraben )
  • Will not be suitable for oily skin during summers.
My Final Verdict:
Vedicline Papaya Face Cream is a Best cream for dry to combination skin beauties for tan removing and keeping your skin soft and supple. Foe oily skin, this not for summer, can be used in winter.

Hope my review will be helpful for you all…
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  1. I was thinking of trying it.:)
    Now i will surely do.:)

    1. This is good...but am using it on my hands only...

  2. I am using a papaya face cream and bought it from Health Kart bt the color of the cream is is it sooo. PLz help me

    1. Yes you are correct lol it is white and inside the tube it looks different...You can use it it is really nice...My mom just loved this like anything :)

  3. Can you please tell where does the product available ???

    1. Hi Aarthi I have bought this product from


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