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Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Body Spray Review

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Today I am going to review Spinz perfumed deo enchante body spray. I am using a variety of body sprays, but I am satisfied by only few of them. This body spray is also one my favourite. When I was searching a body spray in a shop I was just looking through all Spinz range of body sprays. I picked this one as the smell of this body spray attracted me so much. Let us see the detailed review...

About The Product:
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Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Body Spray Review

Price150 INR 150 ml
Shelf life – 2 years
Product Description:-
Spinz Enchante deodorant comes with a strong lavender based floral fragrance, Sourced from the finest international perfumery houses across the world.

Perfect for those hard working days, it has Triclosanto fight odour causing bacteria that keeps you fresh and active for long. Enjoy your hectic life non-stop with this deodorant.

How to use
Gently shake container, Hold 15 cm away from the body and spray.

Ethyl Alcohol (95% v/v) 45% w/w, Butane, Isobutene, Propane, Perfume, Diethylphythalate 1% w/w, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan.

My Experience with Spinz Enchante deo:-
This Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Body Spray comes in a beautiful purple package which looks so attractive. It is lengthier then other body sprays but still you can carry it with you.

I was in a hurry to test the fragrance and as soon as I arrived home, I immediately sprayed it on my dress (As it contains alcohol I won’t use this on my skin directly). When my hubby smelled this and told it is so nice. He really liked the fragrance very much. Whenever I used it I feel very fresh. I like the Lavender colour in the peppy bottle. The lavender fragrance is a good floral fragrance that refreshes our dull mood and feel relax. I always like variety of floral fragrances and this will be my favourite body spray list forever.

Spinz has lot of varieties in body sprays and I am using this brand from college days. During my college days Eve and Spinz body sprays are my favourite body sprays. But, I prefer Eva body spray more than this Spinz one, because Eva range body sprays are alcohol free mostly. This Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Body Spray's smell lost lang for long hours and controls sweat very well.

My likes with Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Body Spray:
  • This is such a divine fragrance which is so mild that never disturbs others nose.
  • I never experienced any allergic reactions.
  • Worth for the price.
  • Easily available.
  • Never irritates my under arms.
  • Affordable price and travel friendly. 
My dislikes with Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Body Spray
  • This deodorant has alcohol as people like me cannot use directly on the skin.

My Final verdict about Spinz Perfumed Deo Enchante Body Spray:
I will buy it again as alternative choice and yes I loved this body spray and it's fragrance very much. So, girls son't forget to pick this affordable body spray when you go to the store...

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