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Simple and Easy Beauty Tips for different age

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to share Beauty tips for age wise, because women's skin changes according to their age and need a better care in all their stage. Once we know how to take care of our skin according to our age, we can maintain our skin soft, shiny and glow, just you need to follow some simple beauty tips regularly. Let us see the Beauty tips in age wise...

Here We Goes...
For Teens and below 25 years Girls:
This age girls mostly will have acne prone and oily skin, in this stage washing your face often is must and to keep your face clean and oil free is very important one. Because their hormonal function will be active and skin sebum glands also will be very active. They produce more oil than normal. So, the pimple and acne problems are usual in this stage. So, cleaning your skin with proper face wash and cleanser is important.
Simple and Easy Beauty Tips for different age
Those who have super oily skin...
1. Drink a glass of warm lemon juice with Honey in the morning.
2. Use raw milk to cleanse your face after brushing.
3. Mix Multhani mitti and Rose water and apply it and wash it with tap water after drying, follow this weekly twice.
4. If necessary use an anti-bacterial soap or face wash.

For Ladies above 25 up to 30
Mostly this age ladies will have their type of skin like Normal, oily and dry, Growing of cells will be on and exfoliation of the skin is very important.

1. Oily skin ladies can follow the above tips and scrub your face weekly once or twice according to their skin type by curd and rice powder.
2. Dry skin ladies massage your skin with pure and fresh aloe Vera gel from the plant... ( Easy to have this plant) and olive oil, almond oil massage also helps. They will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Apply a good moisturizer after washing your face and this is the right time to start a night cream skin care regime.
3. Normal skin ladies can massage coconut oil will improve their glow on the skin.

For ladies above 30 beauties
Home remedies and beauty tips
Mostly this age will starts black circles around eye and few fine lines on face and eyes, skin may starts to loose its elasticity slowly. So day and night creams are must and regular facials also will helps you to keep your skin young.

1. Make a mask by mixing egg yolk, oat meal and honey will tighten up your skin.
2. To reduce your pores use tomato juice as your skin serum alternative days.
3. Mix lemon juice and milk powder in a thick paste and add a pinch of turmeric and then massage it on your face and neck leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it off with cold water. This is for brighten up your skin.

Massaging your skin with essential oils regularly will helps to retain your young skin and keep it nourished always. Don't forget to apply under eye cream regularly in the morning and night. This will helps you to keep the fine lines under the eye at bay.

So, beauties please try this on home and let me know how it is works...
Any doubts ask me...
With Love Radha...


  1. I like the first one to take lime juice with honey.
    It indeed is beneficial in cleansing the internal system.:)
    Great post!!

  2. Hi Nandini,
    I am allergic to both turmeric and lemon.... can u pls suggest some alternative remedies to remove the scars that has been left by mosquito bites?

    1. Hi Kripah... Evn I have allergic with both... Use Oat meal face pack mixed with honey....
      Removing scars read my Guest post here
      Hope it will be useful for you
      If any doubts feel free to ask me.


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