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Get Ready For Winter - Winter Skin care Tips

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Hope everybody is doing good. Today I am planning to post that how to overcome the main problem of winter. It is Dryness of the skin. I have read from so many books and articles that Skin dryness can be overcome just by DIET. I am also following and seeing the results are better than last year. It is a method of keep inner beauty well to keep the outer beauty gorgeous by simply diet.
So, here I am sharing my diet chart to win the skin's dryness during winter. Add Vitamins A, C and E more on your diet. Fruits, vegetables and fishes are very rich in these vitamins. Intake of more Coffee and Tea will leads to dryness of the skin. So, reduce the intake of Coffee and Tea. It is common that everybody knows intake of 2 to 3 liters of water will keep your skin hydrated well. Regularize the intake of nuts like Almonds, Peanuts and dry fruits also helps. Peanut is the wonderful source of moisture. Coconut also keeps your skin healthy. If you have enough moisture inside it will come out through the skin glowing.
Beauty and skin care tips
Get Ready For Winter - Winter Skin care Tips
Keep your skin always hydrated by moisture creams as per your skin types. The Food items like Curd, Honey, Olive oil, Malai, Coconut milk, Almond Oil all are useful in keeping moisture for our skin from external apply. While washing your skin do not use hot water, as it will dry out your skin more. Always use warm water to wash your skin. Massaging your skin by Sesame oil weekly thrice helps very well. Do not wash your skin often and do not use harsh soaps as all these aggravate dry skin more. Aloevera gel also helps to moisture your skin naturally.
Take care of hair also important in winter season, because hair also tend to become dry in this season. My experience is massaging well by Sesame oil head to toe weekly twice will helps to keep all the problem away. Using mild shampoo to wash your hair is best. I always prefer herbal formulated Shampoo and Soap only.

Also you need to take care of your eyes and lips during winter very careful, because they are very sensitive and can easily get dried up by dry winter weather. So, always use a good thick moisturizing lip balms on your lips often to avoid dry lips. The skin around the eye part is so sensitive, so apply good eye creams always under your eyes to keep them hydrated. Apply almond oil and gently massage it around your eyes, this method will keep your eyes fresh and hydrated. Applying butter often on your lips will help to retain soft lips soon from dry flaky lips.

Taking care of your feet in the dry weather of winter is very important, because our feet tend to dry and get cracks in cold weather. So, apply vaseline petroleum jelly all over your feet in the night to keep your feet soft and smooth. This method will make your feet baby soft and nourished.

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