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Hello Friends,
Today I am going to share HE ROOT CAUSE OF HAIR FALL PROBLEM which is the biggest problem in this modern world.

Recently I have sent my VLCC Anti hair fall shampoo review to a blog...and I got mostly hopeless comments did this shampoo really stops hair fall???? I want to tell a story, before starting my opinion in detail...

The Story

One farmer was growing a beautiful flower plant, he is taking care of the plant very carefully, the leaves of the tree are very beautiful. Suddenly one day the leaves of the tree starts fade away and also starts to falling. The Farmer getting worried and starts to treat the tree's leaf, by asking people's suggestions, he was thinking that leaf is falling so he have to treat the leaf directly. But the problem is getting severe actually his treatments to the leafs were not working at all. The Farmer started to worry more about this and he stopped speculating himself about the problem and started to think deeply about the problem of the tree. He stopped to treat the leafs and he consulted a specialist and got a solution. He came back and start to treat the root of the tree which was advised by the Specialist. Now the tree started to blossoms with more beautiful leaves. This is the story exactly what we all doing like that farmer that treating the hair not the root of the hair...

I hope everybody got the point of my story,yes please don't treat your hair, treat the root cause. 

1. Lack of Healthy Diet:
It means to maintain a healthy diet, if one getting deficiency of any vitamins or minerals and imbalance diet the first symptom starts from your hair only...it will become dry and split ends, and starts to fall ,dryness of scalp cause dandruff.
If you are lacking in Vitamin A you will loss the protection for your hair from the environment pollution. If you are lack in Vitamin C you will face hair loss. Vitamin E helps to maintain strength and shine and the deficiency will make loss of shine and hair thinning. Vitamin B is playing very main role in the growth of hair.

Eating green gram dal sprout helps to stop hair fall as it contains almost every vitamin majorly rich in Vitamin C. Because I am a vegetarian I won't eat fish as it contains so much Vitamin E, that which I am lack in so I have to take the supplement Vitamin E tablet or Sea cod tablet. When I stopped this tablet after some time my hair lost its shine and healthy. So,this shampoo helped me to get back the shine and get rid of my dry ends a little still I have to take this supplement as I cannot eat fish.Coconut also intake and external apply for hair very good...this is the secret for Keratin beauty skin and hair.

If your blood has iron deficiency your will have hair fall problem severely...because the hemoglobin count will reduce, so by taking proper iron supplements like Dates, figs, pomegranate will helps to improve your blood count. Also who suffers by thyroid problems also will face severe hair fall. The water change can cause hair fall ,as I am facing it now and then. So, do try to keep your bathing water same, I mean don't use tap water, if possible use same cane water.

Before and After delivery it is very natural to loss hair...For those who concerned about hair fall pre and post delivery here is my own experience naturally I have a long and straight shiny hair but I have lose my total hair during my pregnancy it became like a tail :(. I have literally cried by seeing this, But i took the vitamin tablets given by Doctor without failure during pre and post pregnancy and ate healthy food...Now I got back 3/4 of hair again it is growing long and shiny...yes true...


Combing and handling hair harshly when it is in wet condition, your hair will fall and break as hair follicles is very sensitive when they are in wet condition and also tight hairdos also the reason for hair fall and damage.

Also Sleeping very late in nights, stressful life, lack of water drinking, over chemical treatments to the hair everything leads to hair fall finally.

Hope I have told all the possible reasons of hair fall up to my knowledge....So, Don’t blame the product 1st and think twice about the root cause of your problem....

With Love Radha.... :)


  1. u are so right Radha... i also dont believe in drenching hair with chemicals and then crying that hair is falling.. that shampoo worked because it had mild agents that did not harm hair roots.. everybody says its normal to lose hair when washing with shampoo.. its so not true.. when u wash with herbal stuff u can see that not even one strand will fall.. people are so dependant on shampoos and conditioners nowadays.. its really irritating.. and then everybody wants hairfall solutions..gahh...its a vicious cycle.. i really wish everybody at least start to experiment with herbal hairwashes..they are so good to hair.. i like ur blog Radha.. keep it up..

  2. Thank you Ife Your points also correct.i am finally happy to get a person like me.keep in touch with me Ife

  3. Hi, radha u mentioned some gr8 points hee. i'm also experiencing post pregnancy hair loss and i nkow its natural but not sure what vitamins to take. what vitamins were u prescribed by ur doctor ?

  4. Hi Waseema Welcome to my blog....:)
    Ya It is natural to lose hair after delivery...But, It will be stopped by proper healthy diet too Waseema...
    Dr prescribed for me normal vitamin Tablets like Iron and vit E tablets.
    If Iron content reduced in our blood heamoglobin count will reduce naturally our hair will start to fall and skin looks pale.
    As we bleed more in and after delivery the iron will be lost and hair starts to fall...

  5. Thnx for this really informative post.... :)
    will try to eat more nutritious things now and ill also start taking vitamin supplements to prevent hair loss ....

    1. Hi Neha... Thanks for the visit...Hope you will stop hair fall soon...Take Biotin tablets will help to stop hair fall

  6. Now i am 21. Last two month, per day around 40-50 hair are falling before that i am not facing that problem so please suggest which vitamins is better for me or any other solution

  7. Thank you for useful article. You have given very good information. Find out more information about best winter moisturizer for mature skin


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