Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Confused what color dress suits for my skin color?????

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to share what colour dresses will go well with your skin colour. Always choose dresses according to your skin colour and your body structure and be a notable person in the crowd.

Confused what color dress suits for my skin color???
I will give some ideas to you all in this post....

For fair complexion People, you need to dress up yourself with a light color top and dark color bottom with shawl or stoles. You will be the brightest person in your group, if you dress like this way :). Fair complexion girls can wear baby pink, light coral, light orange colour tops with maroon, blue, black colour bottom.

For wheatish complexion People, you need to dress up yourself with the colors like Mejantha, Peacock blue, Red, Copper sulfate blue. All bright colours will suits for your skin tone. Always try to make the combination with light colour bottoms and stoles. You will rock in your outfits if you follow this ideas.

For dark color complexion People, you need to wear medium colour outfits. Other than pale pink and sandal color all colour dresses will suits normally to you.....

Dress up to induce the moods

Orange:- You will feel energetic
If you feel dull or week, immediately wear orange colour outfits to make your mood enthusiastic and energetic. You will get the whole energy from orange colour to finish the task in right time. Orange colour will empower you like anything and gives you the right passion to do work.

Yellow:- Positive and friendly
If you want to make so many friends and keep your mood always positive wear yellow dress. Yellow is an attractive colour that people will want to talk and make friendship with you mostly. You will start to think positive when you wear yellow. Especially when your mood swings from positive to negative wear yellow dress, you will get the right positive vibrations from others too.

Pink:- Soft nature
If you feel that you are angry or getting aggravated by some annoying, irritating situations, better wear pink colour outfits will make you calm and soft to face the situation patiently. You can make the irritated atmosphere to peaceful by your pink outfit.

Red:- Leadership
If you want to manage a big team in a hardest situation better wear red will gives you the mind set to lead the team well. Red had a power of leadership.

Blue:- Peaceful
Wear Blue colour when you are confused or in agitated mind, you will get peace. Also blue is romantic colour will attract others easily.

Dark blue:- Romance
For romance this Dark blue is the best colour.

White always brings peace 
If you are wearing Leggings please wear Long Kurthas....For Pattiala bottom wear short tops.... This combination will go well, if you change the combination your outfit may look horrible and annoying. If you are going to office or for an interview, I would suggest you to wear a decent kurta with jeans or salwar kameez with dhuppatta. The colours of the outfit should not be very bright and very dull. Also do wear straight strips design dresses if you are looking fat.

Hope this post will be helpful for you all
Stay Beauty...
With Love Radha....


  1. Thank you - this was really useful (I'm a senior in Chicago trying to decide what to wear for my yearbook photo!) This definitely simplified my choices.

    1. Awww that's very nice my post helped you Lu Thanks :)


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