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Causes of Dark Circles and The Remedies

Hello Beauties,
Today let us discuss about the biggest problem of every girl's life "Dark Circles". Now a days we use to get dark circles easily because of our wrong life style.

If you got dark circle what will you do??? Immediately running to a shop and buying an under eye cream and you starts to apply. The results?? Not a bit of dark circle reduced, Why??? It may be the product fault also your fault, YES. You can't find the product fault but you can find your faults and cure, yes it is simple :).
I will tell 1st stop carrying your laptop with you to your bedroom, because naturally after browsing you will get late to your bed, also bright lights before sleep will affects your sleeping pattern. Watching bright things like TV and laptop before sleeping will disturb your sleep.
Dark circles remedies
Causes of Dark Circles and The Remedies
Also the other reason wrong eating habits will leads to reduction of Hemoglobin in your blood also cause dark circles. Please check with a Doctor and take proper medicine and this will solve the problem.

In night try to drink warm milk will lead you to have good deep sleep which is very important to avoid dark circles and helps to reduce dark circles.Smelling Lavender oil also helps, to sleep well, eating too much in night will disturb your sleep, eating too much in afternoon will leads you sleep in mid day and may affect night time sleep.

Never ever bleach your under eye part and no lemon and turmeric in that sensitive eye part. Because they are acids and may cause skin damage which in turn becomes dark under your eye area.

Home remedy get a herbal liquid "LARIKOLANJANAM" (will available in Ayurvedic shop) , clean your eyes and drop 2 drops in your eyes weekly twice, must be done in the night only.

Eye lotion from home:-
  • Take 2 spoon milk and mix it with 1 drop lemon juice...massage under the eye...
  • Reduce the intake of coffee,tea
  • Cold compressed caster oil helps remove wrinkles under the eye
  • Use Cold Rose water to relax your eyes....
  • Massage your under eye area gently by Almond oil or Coconut oil before sleeping....
  • Keep used and well strained tea bags in the fridge, once you woke up in the morning put them on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes, this will helps you to reduce puffiness in your eyes and dark circles....
  • Grate Potato and pack them in a transparent cotton cloth make it two parts to put this mixture in your two eyes, keep them for 20 minutes and relax...
  • Drink more water, at least 3 liters per day....

Trick to get rid of eye problems

Imagine you are seeing a wall clock in front of you, now try to see 12 and 3 and 6 and 9 again clock wise, do this without moving your head and only moving your eye balls for 5 minutes daily. This will refresh your tired eyes and helps you in reducing fine lines under your eyes.

Hope I have helped you :)
Stay Happy...


  1. Very informative post...will try everything..

  2. Really very informative.....
    Wanted to try out castor oil for a long tym..have heard tht it's got lots of benefits..Have u ever used castor oil...n cud u suggest a good company which sells pure castor oil...

    1. Yeah Neha Castor oil is sooo using Aloe veda Castor oil....
      check at


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