Banjara’s Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review

Banjara’s Skin +ve Beauty Cream Review Hello Beauties, Banjara’s is a herbal brand which has lot of skin and hair care products, they have recently launched Banjara’s Skin +ve range, the range has two products one is beauty cream and another one is the body lotion. Our skin is prone to tanning and is affected by pollution when we go outside, so keeping this in […]

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Banjara’s Papaya Face Wash Review

Banjara's Papaya Face Wash Review

Banjara’s Papaya Face Wash Review Hello Girls, Believe it or not… I am a face wash hoarder (still searching a good face wash and thus keeping me in blogging always). I am changing my face wash after every first use and still indecisive in choosing one permanently (no I am not indecisive blame on the various brands in the market). […]

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BANJARA’S Rose Water (Facial Freshner) Review

Hello Friends, Today I am going to Review Banjara’s Rose Water. Everybody knows well that Rose water is very good for our Skin. It is used as Toner, Face freshener and can mix with Home made DIY recipes to ensure the results. Rose water can make your skin glow and clear by regular application. I was using a local brand Rose […]

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