Vedic Line Papaya Face Cream Review – To Promote Fairness & Blemish Free Skin

Hello Girls, Today I am going to share my experience with Vedic line Papaya face cream. While I was surfing herbal products online found this newly introduced soothing face cream suitable for all skin types and decided to give it a try! I was in search for a good herbal face cream, also I am fond of using herbal products for my skin and hair […]

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Causes of Dark Circles and The Remedies

Hello Beauties, Today let us discuss about the biggest problem of every girl’s life “Dark Circles”. Now a days we use to get dark circles easily because of our wrong life style.If you got dark circle what will you do??? Immediately running to a shop and buying an under eye cream and you starts to apply. The results?? Not a […]

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Hello Friends, Today I am going to share HE ROOT CAUSE OF HAIR FALL PROBLEM which is the biggest problem in this modern world. Recently I have sent my VLCC Anti hair fall shampoo review to a blog…and I got mostly hopeless comments did this shampoo really stops hair fall???? I want to tell a story, before starting my opinion in […]

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Some Useful Beauty & Home Care Tips

Tips for weight loss

Hello Friends, I am going to give you some simple and useful tips, which can be used as beauty and home care tips. The things which we are using for cooking can be used for beauty home remedies. Here we go for the Tips… The Tips: 1. If you are going to do “Medhu vadai” soak 1 cup of “Aval” […]

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