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Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Skin Cream Review

Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Skin Cream with Natural Moisturizer with Protecting Actives
Hello All,
A moisturizer is important for our skin to protect from Sun rays and harmful pollution outside while going out and also maintaining our skin hydration balance and keep it soft and supple. I use heavy moisturizers during night time because I have oily skin and it becomes more greasy and oily looking if I use them in day time. I bought this Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Skin Cream in online during winter time which I needed much because my cheeks becomes dry and reddish during winter. I saw good review on this cream so bought this one finally, let us see the review...

About The Product:
Best creams for dry skin
Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Skin Cream Review
Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Skin Cream
Price 45 Rs for 50 ml
Shelf life 3 years
Available in online easily and not sure about offline availability...
Product Description:
Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Skin Cream enriched with natural moisturizers and skin protecting actives, It has active 6-pronged which gives a smoother younger skin. It contains soothing Aloe Vera, which reduces irritation, redness and other sun related skin problems. It is light, but creamy texture leaves skin feeling soft, fresh and glow.

Ingredients not listed

My Experience:
The Packaging:

It comes in a fresh green colour plastic tub packaging (I hate tub packaging) and has a foil paper to cover the cream (they can provide a lid there). It is neither travel nor user friendly.

The Colour of the product is light lime green
The Texture of the product is light weight and creamy as they described
The Smell of the product is really awesome and good, I loved it.

My Take:
I was using this cream for my cheeks especially to reduce the dryness and redness, also used on feet and hands. It is a multipurpose cream so one can use it for any purpose. This cream is very helpful for curing dry itchy skin very effective. I have used it regularly to prevent dryness it was effective and doesn't clog my pores and even no small pimples which I usually get whenever I use new moisturizer, that is the plus point for me. The smell is really awesome and the cream gives cooling and soothing sensation to the skin which feels really good after applying it.

I am sure oily to combination skin people can't apply this cream during day time as it will make your face more oily, but dry skin people can apply as it is light weight and easily absorbed into the skin so it doesn't looks odd on your skin after applying. It gives a good glow to the skin. Overall it is a good skin cream and can be used by all skin type and only concern the time you apply may change.

My Likes:
๐Ÿ‘It is very much affordable
๐Ÿ‘The cream is light weight and easily absorbed
๐Ÿ‘It moisturize the skin well
๐Ÿ‘It hydrates and balances the skin's moisture
๐Ÿ‘It doesn't clog pores
๐Ÿ‘It gives glow to the skin
๐Ÿ‘Best for dry skin
๐Ÿ‘Nice pleasant smell
๐Ÿ‘It helps to relieve dry skin

My Dislikes:
๐Ÿ‘ŽIt is not travel and user friendly (Tube packaging preferred)

Hope My Review Helped
By Radha

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