Moha Rose Mist Review

Moha Rose Mist Review

Hello Beauties,

Rose water or Rose Mist… It is a holy grail product for my skin. In my knowledge Rose water is the only toner that suited for my sensitive skin. I use to have one or two rose toners in my stash for my skin and for face pack mixing purpose. They never failed to work on my skin. We have reviewed some Moha products already here in our blog. The Rose Mist is an another wonderful product from Moha. Let us see about this rose mist in detail…

About the Product:

Moha Rose Mist Review
Moha Rose Mist Review

Moha Rose Mist

Price 158 Rs for 100 ml

Shelf life 2 years

Avaliable from their website

Product Description:

Mesmerize the world with the power of ancient Indian Beauty Secrets, brought to you by Moha a captivating range of potent natural beauty recipes created for the sole purpose to make you look beautiful, alluring irresistible.

Rejuvenate your skin with this refreshing rose mist. A delightful mix of the season’s best roses combined with the goodness of aloe.  It evens skin texture leaving it toned and refreshed. Making it a soothing treatment for Sunburn and fatigued skin. This rose mist can also be your preferred choice as a good make up remover.


Rose centifolia gel

Aloe barbadensis gel

Aqueous perfumed base


Sodium methylparaben and sodium propyl paraben


Spray as and when required for natural rose freshness.

My Experience with Moha Rose Mist:


Moha Rose Mist Review
Moha Rose Mist Review

The Rose Mist comes in a trasparent sturdy plastic bottle with a spray dispenser. The spray dispenser covered by a lid. It is travel friendly.

The Colour, Texture and Smell:

Moha Rose Mist Review
Moha Rose Mist Review

The Rose Mist is a colorless water like liquid and it is a non greasy mist which smells very pleasant exactly like you are drowned into a rose garden.

My Take:

I was pretty sure that this rose mist will suit for my skin as my previous experience with the Moha products are good. The Rose toner is so light and totally non greasy. So it didn’t make my face oily after applying instead it makes the skin fresh and glow. It smells so awesome and it makes my skin refreshed with my mood. Rose smell is so soothing. It is very helpful to wake up the dull skin immediately by just tabbing it on your skin.

Moha Rose Mist Review
Moha Rose Mist Review
Moha Rose Mist Review
Moha Rose Mist Review

I use to spray it on my palm and then tab it on my cheeks and forehead. It really gives a cool feeling to the skin. So far there is no break outs or allergy rashes. Regarding pores reduction it does minimum job, well I didn’t expect more from this affordable rose toner. It became my HG Rose Toner now a days.

My likes with Moha Rose Mist:

  1. Affordable and travel friendly
  2. Such a pleasant rose smell
  3. Makes skin refreshed and soft
  4. Helps to freshen up your skin.
  5. Tone up the skin well
  6. Gives a cooling and soothing effect to the skin
  7. Natural product.

There is no Dislikes

Final Thoughts:

Moha Rose Mist is an affordable awesome toner for your skin to make it fresh by just a few tabs of this rose mist on your skin. It makes your skin soothed and soft with a nice refreshing smell.

Hope My Review is helpful

By Radha


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