Best patterns of sneaker designs for you

Best patterns of sneaker designs for you

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Sneakers are such a type of footwear which suits every body type! Though you are short or tall, fat or skinny! Sneakers are for all! But still there is a lot more to discuss about a right type of sneaker pattern for you! Sneakers are of different types, styles and shape! The good thing about sneaker is that you can change any normal shoe into your own personalized sneaker! Well, you would be wandering around and want to know a best type for you! This article is all about new, stylish and fashionable sneaker to carry on!

Go For Branded One:

Branded sneakers
How to choose best sneakers

Well a branded sneaker always looks the most stylist one! If you have any doubt while buying any local products then it is always best to go with branded products only! As a trust on a brand never fails! These super rocking sneakers will add more spice and hotness to your look. Wow! Whether you call it a white light or a neon white color there is no obstruction. But when you see the beauty of these sneakers you will probably have no doubt to buy this! If you have no budget problem go for such styles!

 Girly drops:

Girl's sneakers
Sneakers for girls

These puffy sneakers are best for girls to put on! These type of sneakers help to show up a smart and new look to your daily casual look. These are not for boys at all! This look is for girls only and also these are available in variety of new shades.

 Artistic sneakers

canvas sneakers

These days if your shop in local markets you will easily be able to buy such artistic and new patterns in sneaker though they belong from local brands but still these are best to go with new styles. One should never hesitate to try different patterns and styles. As you won’t be able to adopt anything new if you remain concentrated towards 1 style only!

Canvas cum sneaker

stylish sneakers

A canvas can also be a good sneaker to go with! These look super cool if you have a good or average height. For those who have short height, they may go with high heels sneakers to look a bit taller. As, with a flat base short heighted people would tend to look even more shooter than before and this is not liked by everyone! So try buying a good sneaker according to your height. Shoot the studs in the sneaker. Studs, bullets and thorns are there in the market. These are on the shirts, bags, hair accessories and even on the sneakers as well! A sneaker with sharp studs look really awesome! The stud season is on, and is becoming more and more common to the generation. So you may choose this style too! Suits all!


Leather pants and black sneakers:

When it comes to styling one should never stop. He must keep on trying new and different stuff day by day. Like in the above picture you can see a girl wearing leather pants with the super cool black color sneakers! The style looks really nice. And for summers leather may look a bit heavy but if you wear it with super cool and light weight sneakers it would balance the look.

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